Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in the USA! Where We Age Discriminate

I'm back from a long vacation in the Dominican Republic and happy to be home in Long Branch New Jersey comma USA, where the water is so clean, you can drink it right out of the tap!

I'll get back to blogging regularly once I catch up on a little over 700 emails. Rest assured I'll have a whole lot more to say about HitlerCorzine forcing the JewsYouths to wear a Yellow StarGDL Sticker at all times in public but for now, please enjoy a history lesson we should learn from and not repeat.

Some notable excerpts, it's possible that the striked out words and their replacements are mine:

Of course the obvious benefit of the badge to the NazisPolice was the visual labeling of the JewsYouths. No longer would the rabble only be able to attack and persecute those JewsYouths with stereotypical JewishYouth features or forms of dress, now all JewsYouths and part JewsYouth's Parents were open to the various NaziPolice actions.
Because let's be honest, most "Youths" targeted by this non-sense don't own their own cars so it'll mom and dad's car with the GDL sticker on it and YOUR car that the police pull over, just because.

The badge was an obvious, visual, step back to the Middle Ages, a time before Emancipation.
But soon after its implementation, the badge represented more than humiliation and shame, it represented fear. If a JewYouth forgot to wear their badge they could be fined or imprisoned, but often, it meant beatings or death. JewsYouths came up with ways to remind themselves not to go out without their badge. Posters often could be found at the exit doors of apartments that warned JewsYouths by stating: "Remember the Badge!" Have you already put on the Badge?" "The Badge!" "Attention, the Badge!" "Before leaving the building, put on the Badge!"

But remembering to wear the badge was not their only fear. Wearing the badge meant that they were targets for attacks and that they could be grabbed for forced labor.
Under the NaziPolice regime, JewsYouths were constantly in danger. Up to the time when JewishYouth badges were implemented, uniform persecution against the JewsYouths could not be accomplished. With the visual labeling of JewsYouths, the years of haphazard persecution quickly changed to organized destruction.
I'll openly admit, I have no idea where either Steve Lonegan or Chris Christie stand on the idea of GDL stickers, or the disaster that is NJ's DMV (who by the way is raising the cost of licenses/registration to cover a budget gap - but adding the cost of millions of GDL stickers), but I'd like to think neither of them would take the Hitler approach to law enforcement.

As a PS - I'm pretty sure that Monmouth County Freehold Directory Barbara McMorrow was on the commission that though GDL badgesstickers was a good idea. Luckily she's not running for reelection.

Another PS - Is Jon wearing a seat belt yet? How are you healing there old fella? Does your State Police driver need a GDL sticker?

Another PS - The dummies at the Worst News Paper Ever published a terrible editorial this morning claiming this was somehow a good idea that will save lives noting "More than 400 teenagers have been killed in motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey since 2002" which is interesting because I'm willing to bet that cigarettes have killed more than 400 teenagers since 2002 but all that the government does is raise taxes to make more money off teenagers who buy cigarettes - which oddly enough - the GDL sticker doesn't make teen drivers any safer, it just lets the government make more money off of the teenagers and their parents who end up paying the fines or court fees where their offspring are harassed simply for being the wrong age.

And finally - do I think the deaths of over 6 million jews compares to a few extra traffic violations issued to some "kids" driving in NJ, no not at all - but the method is indeed the same.

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