Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boring: As Swine Flu Spreads, Conspiracy Theories of Laboratory Origins Abound

Well, that is what these folks want you to believe. As my readers know, I'm generally a non-believer in any conspiracy theories and enjoy laughing at the theories.

But this time, with this "Swine Flu Conspiracy", I'm really just completely annoyed. Let me explain how the new theory wants to works. The same people who want to blame the US government for 9/11 are now repeating the story with 9/11 exchanged with Swine Flu. Boring. The same people blame Bush (Cheney really) for releasing this disease from his Double Secret Underground Lair, Dr. Evil style. The goal is, of course, so that the New World Order (NWO) can enforce marshal law and take over the planet, again, Dr. Evil Style. I've seen this same movie, a few times I think and read this same story in the form of the Moon Landings, 9/11, etc. It's boring, predictable and shows a real lack of creativity. In fairness, I have to give it to the JFK Conspiracy Theory guys. I don't believe them for a second, BUT they tell quite an entertaining story. The Mafia is involved, Cuban and Russian agents are involved (at the height of the cold war!), the US CIA is involved and all of these groups who should hate each other are working together for the common good of ridding the US of JFK... because JFK wants to return to "Sound Money" which would rid the world of the NWO! Intriguing!

With that all said, let me offer these guys some new ideas so that they can tell the same old story, with new, modern twists to entertain the readers. 

First, enough of using the same bad guy, the US Gov't. We the reader are tired of this bad guy, who isn't really that bad compared to some other potential bad guys. This bad guy is kind of tired and played out.  Might I suggest that since it's the NWO, you can choose a government from anywhere in the world. I'll suggest the rules of United Arab Emirates. So the scene starts in Dubai comma UAE.

The plot you ask? The Prince, because this country is already under control of the NWO and doesn't have fair, real elections, not even sham elections like ours of course *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*,  has invested TRILLIONS of dollars in fancy resorts in Dubai.  (It's true, follow the link, even Pam Anderson is in on the deal meaning we've also established the Hot Babe Character for our story to compete with Jackie O) .  Since no Americans want to travel to this armpit of the NWO's kingdom due to their oppressive laws, the Prince convinces his partners in the NWO that they must stop Americans from visiting resorts in Cancun comma Mexico so that they choose Dubia instead! Dun-nuh! Cue the evil music. First, the Prince decides to just try to make Mexico as dangerous, or more dangerous than, his own home country. So the Prince fuel a massive drug war in Mexico. He pits gangs against each other and the Mexican Gov't in an effort to make Mexico so unstable that Americans won't go there, and will choose his resorts instead. Sadly, the stupid Americans (cause they are sheep... another*wink*wink*nudge*nudge*) just continue to follow each other to Mexico despite the violence. Unhappy with his work, the Prince then sends his agents to Mexico to release the Swine Flu! Surely, no Americans will travel there now he thinks. But alas, his plan is foiled by modern medicine which his country does not have. He tries to convince the people not to use basic sanitary means and medicine to cure themselves and insists that 100% herbal solutions is the only way to go. He recommends "ionic silver ( more bio available than colloidal ) also oil of oregano ( organic is best ) both are excellent for dealing with viruses" (which is a quote borrowed from an email group I subscribe to). Again, once the Prince realizes that his new plan is also not working, he sends his agents back with a special underground Nuke and sets it off below Mexico City, causing a 6.0 Earthquake in an effort to end Mexico once and for all!

How will it end? Will the good people of Mexico succeed in foiling the Princes plot? Will the stupid Americans continue to go to Mexico and not Dubai? How will Frank Pallone get dragged into this story?

Tune in next week! Same bat time, same bat channel!

Have a nice day, and watch out for the NWO... and the Prince of Dubai comma UAE!

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