Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drug bust going down in Long Branch New Jersey comma USA

I have it on good word that there is a (minor but serious) drug bust going down on my street here in lovely Long Branch New Jersey comma USA.  The police man who has been running surveillance from my driveway while I was away told me so. 

I'll look for the story in the APP in the coming days.

War on drugs vs waste of money vs safe neighborhoods vs the Man could have asked for permission to use my driveway if I was home... FYI - I'm not involved in any way with any kind of police force although I like to be considered armed and dangerous, at least when inside of my own home.

PS. I invest in Smith & Wesson in more than one way and if you had bought some shares around November at $1.50ish or so, you'd be glowing today with the $6.54 price. I'm a happy investor and owner.

PPS. I'd like to pickup a M&P .45 soon. If any readers happens to have a line on a good price for one (legally, so the police man doesn't come back to my driveway) please let me know.

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