Monday, April 27, 2009

GM Cuts 21,000 US Jobs, Asks Obama for more US Taxpayer Money

General Motors, the former US automaker who then became the "multi-national" automaker, but now wants to be a US automaker again, has decided to cut the Pontiac brand, along with 21,000 jobs. It's worth noting that Pontiac was their 3rd highest selling brand in the behind Chevy and GMC. Doesn't seem like a smart business decision to cut one of the brands that sells the most while keeping the likes of Buick and Caddy. Who buys a Caddy anyway... the Germans have the performance luxury market cornered with far better cars. Then again, why would we expect GM to make a smart decision and keep a brand that sells - that might make sense.

So call me crazy, I do own two matching Pontiac TransAms, but why in the world would the US Government give a dime to a company that wanted to be a "multi-national" company and is now cutting 21,000 (some reports are claiming 23,000 - who knows what the real number might be in the end) from the US economy?  I can ALMOST understand if GM was going to cut 21,000 jobs from Mexico or Canada, claimed that in order to bring that work back here to the US costs them $1BILLION more than just leaving things alone but would create 21,000 more jobs in the US - then MAYBE, just MAYBE, I can sort of almost kind of understand why the US government MIGHT consider helping GM out. I personally still wouldn't help them out, let their shareholders decide if and how to invest in the company, but it is beyond my understanding and comprehension why the US government should provide a dime to a "multi-national" car company, that hardly makes a car in the US and is cutting the jobs of US workers instead of foreign workers. Make no mistake, GM is cutting jobs from the US economy, and then asking the rest of us who still have a job to give them our tax dollars.

Say good-bye to Pontiac, and then stop the bailouts and send GM packing. I'm sure "multi-national" Toyota will be more than happy to build more cars in the US than the "US" automakers. In fact, I might go invest in Toyota today, good buy or not, just to have less money for the Ohh-man to take from me to give to GM.

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