Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monmouth Park taking another swing at the Poo-lution

Oceanport Counselman Joseph Irace has forwarded noticed that on Monday, May 11, 2009, lawyers for Monmouth Park will be holding a meeting at the Oceanport Municipal Building Meeting Room at 7:00pm to tell us about their NEW, REVISED PLANS that will end their polluting of the Branchport Creek once and for all.

Please make your best effort to attend this meeting, that includes you Mr. "Do Nothing for The Environment" Frank Pallone. This July marks the 3rd Anniversary of when the POLLUTED WATER signs were erected along the river and surely Monmouth Park has been polluting the river for far longer than that. We, the concerned citizens of Long Branch and Oceanport are tired of the shell game Monmouth Park is playing and their excuses as to why it is taking so long to correct the problem. Come join us Monday May 11 7pm in the Oceanport Municipal Building and make your voice heard.

As an FYI - this meeting should discuss a plan which scaps the previous (3 month old!) plan which would have place a "force main" and a line below the river to pump waste to Long Branch.  MP has signed some new agreement for the Two Rivers Water Reclamation Authority in Monmouth Beach to handle 500,000 gallons of water per day, thats a lot of poo-luted water, HOW/WHERE does this much polluted water come from?? Why can they now take this much but couldn't before? What about overflow now?  The new plan should hopefully address these questions and more and with a little luck, Monmouth Park will stop talking and take some action.

Oceanport's administration has done a remarkable job staying on top of the issue and working to resolve the problem and I thank them for their work. Mr. Frank Pallone should take notes from this public servants who care about the environment and care about the people who are at a health risk due to this pollution, he is the chairman of a subcommittee on health... It might serve county and state public servants well to make an appearance as well, after all, Monmouth Park/NJEA is a taxpayer funded entity.

Also, a local group I'm part is making an effort to see the plans early in order to have time to carefully review and come up with inteligent questions.  If you would like to be part of this group and/or see the plans early please contact me and I'll get you in touch with the person heading up that effort.

Here's to hoping that by this July 26th, 2009, three years later, those signs can be on their way to the local dump, and I don't mean thrown in Branchport Creek.

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