Monday, April 20, 2009

Old Folks Aren't News at the APP

In a very tragic accident, Raymond Sangastiano, 79, of Toms River was killed on April 18, 2009 when the older gentleman crashed his Buick into a motorcycle and then a truck.  The motorcycle rider, who the NJ DMV will be doubling the registration and licencing cost to this year, suffered a serious leg injury and was taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center.  Sadly, because the man who was killed was, well, old (79) the APP decided that the tragic event was not worthy of being front page news and should be hidden from the majority of readers.

However, a 16 year old was "critically injured" (not killed) in a car accident tonight in Jackson and the story made front page news so that everyone can see that teen drivers are apparently terrible people.

The whole stories can be found here and here.  

Perhaps that old man in Trenton, who doesn't wear a seat belt, needs to sign a law that would require old folks to have badgesstickers that read "OLD" instead of "GDL" on their cars since I for one care about old folks, even if the APP doesn't and would like to see the old people be safer as well as some indication to other drivers, especially the 50 year old on the motorcycle and the 21 year old in the truck, that an OLD driver is near-by which might present some danger.

RIP Mr. Sangastiano and please Get Well Soon Ms. Thomas.

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