Friday, May 15, 2009

Pallone needs a GDL sticker

A Google Alert to the story and Art's Blog tell us that our Congressman Frank Pallone, who was too busy to show up at Monday's Monmouth Park presentation to show his concern for the environment, seems to have been in a little driving accident that may or may not have had alcohol involved.

I'm somehow reminded of Pallone noting Palin's husband's many years prior had a DUI. "Not that it matters"

Or maybe that Pallone was/is part of the Congressional "Stop DUI Caucus"?

Or maybe that Pallone filled a seat left by James Howard, of Howard-Barnes anti-drunk driving legislation "fame"?

...not suggesting Mr. Pallone was drunk driving and the Po-Lease let him go easy... "of course"...

Good thing Pallone voted to bailout insurance giant AIG at the expense of We the People. You know, just in case AIG was the insurance company footing that $4000 bill for damage he caused by driving his minivan over a bike after a few drinks.

Seems like maybe instead of NJ pushing these GDL stickers out to teens who have committed no crime, maybe NJ needs to push "DUI" stickers out to those who might have had a few and taken a ride around town?

Way to keep making NJ proud Frank. Then again, I suppose it could be worse.

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