Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ron Paul endorses Steve Lonegan for New Jersey Governor

Take it for what it's worth.... as received in an email from The email message header shows "Received: from ( [])" and seems to be an email marketing outfit so I'll assume this is legit and not a phony email like one that was NOT sent by me.

Dear Friend,

Steve Lonegan is strong advocate of free markets. I was very impressed by his record of budget restraint as Mayor of Bogota, NJ. He has been a vocal critic of runaway spending and taxpayer funded bailouts, and he understands that we must reject the nanny state and return government to its proper, restrained role. Sending Steve Lonegan to Trenton would be a tremendous victory for the people of New Jersey.

That is why I am supporting Steve Lonegan for New Jersey Governor. Steve is fighting hard in a difficult race, and he needs your help to win. Please support Steve in any way you feel appropriate. You can visit his website,, to donate, volunteer or receive more information.

At this time when big government forces are grabbing more and more power, we must come together and unite behind principled free market leaders like Steve Lonegan. Please join me in supporting Steve in any way you can and, most importantly, please make sure you get the polls and vote for him on June 2nd.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

It's interesting that Murray Sabrin, who Ron Paul "endorsed", doesn't seem to care for Lonegan (or his tax plan) but Ron Paul is endorsing Lonegan.

EDIT I'm curious if wErds have special meanings in this email. The email says "is supporting", not "endorses" which is interesting. Is there a difference or does "supporting" imply an endorsement and funds. Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty (C4L) PAC might have some cash on hand to "support" Lonegan and surely has the grassroots workers to make calls, send mailings, etc to primary voters. I guess we'll see what "supporting" means, if anything, in the coming days and weeks.

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