Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reduce Dangerous Emissions - End Government Inspection of Private Property

I'm not looking forward to the displeasure of bringing my personal property to the state workers' mercy next month, mostly because the Service Engine Soon light in my 2000 TransAm has been on for nearly two years; well since the day I drove out of the DMV inspection station last.

It's no problem for me to turn the SES light off, I know exactly why it is on, and I'm sure that on the "sniffer" the car would have no problems passing inspection, but that light and a computer scan by my helpful government at my tax dollars expense equals a giant FAIL. I can turn the off with a quick computer edit, or I can turn it off by swapping a part back onto the car. Either way, the car won't produce any more or less pollution, I promise Al Gore.

But since I suspect a problem again next month regardless of what I decide to do, this story from the Memphis area really hit home. My favorite quote from the story is:
"You just drive over to one of the inspection centers where -- as part of the government's effort to reduce dangerous emissions -- you sit idling for several hours."
I've said it before and I'll say it again. If NJ really wanted to cut some wasted money from the budget, here is a short list of items that can save money:
1) Get rid of ALL of the workers at the inspection station, union or not.
2) Close the inspection station. Sell the billions in equipment to another fascist state who wants to continue annoying their taxpayers.
3) Sell the land where inspection stations sit to the highest bidder who wants to build a new strip mall, or make them new state parks.... Open Space FTW!
4) Cut the number of license plates produced in half by eliminating the front license plate requirement. The police will still be able to write plenty of tickets based on one rear plate, I promise. Less junk metal waste on the other side of turning in plates too, talk about reducing pollution!

And for what it's worth, last time I went through inspection, I failed because of some supposed problem with my car's brakes. Mind you the car was braking just fine from 100mph at the racetrack the weekend before. In fact, to add to the annoyance, a day later, with no changes made to the brakes or anything else on the car, I sat on line, again, and the car magically passed inspection, no problems with the brakes. Go figure.

In fact, the only thing more entertaining than passing a second time, without changes, was the time I drove the race car through DMV's Eatontown station after turning off all of the error codes in the ECM, removing most all of the emissions equipment, and explaining to the gentleman how to drive a full manual reverse valve body TH400 auto trans. The man did something that was some kind of inspection by checking some lights and connecting his computer to my car and then he was kind enough to put a valid sticker on the car. I guess a real muffler, real catalytic converters, AIR, EGR, and air bags aren't required after all! Oddly enough, The Man did check for a real seat belt (for my safety of course) but ignored the 5-point racing harness. In case anyone cares, I drove through for the goof, I don't really drive the car on the street (and it hasn't run in a few years anyhow) so don't go calling The Man on me just yet.

Whatever. I look forward to the day when we have a Governor and Legislature brave enough to close DMV for good, save us all the time and money of having the government check in on us and our belongings. Or maybe someone with the government would like to come inspect the furnace in our homes since that might produce some pollution, then inspect the washer and dryer, hot water heater, dish washer and the AC units... you know, in the name of making sure we don't pollute.. and for our own safety of course.

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