Monday, July 20, 2009

Monmouth Park: Construction Noise would harm horses, but not Warped Tour noise

Earlier this year, officials from Monmouth Park put on another dog and pony show to tell us about their New and Improved plans to resolve the pollution problem in Branchport Creek. Unfortunately, they also told us that if all goes well, construction is expected to take about five (5) years because there are only limited periods of time when construction can take place, namely, times when the race horses aren't at the track or in the stables because the noise could harm the thoroughbreds; no mention of the pollution harming us humans or river life of course.

So this past weekend, I was amazed to see the Van's Warped Tour at Monmouth Park, along with 16,000 screaming fans (perhaps yours truly was among them) and just inches away the race horses were successfully trotting away with no damage visible. In fact, the horses were running just as I've seen horses run any other weekend, sort of. The horses were actually RUNNING FASTER while jamming to Punk Rock! Results for Sat July 18 here. Results for Sun July 19 here. Race 1 on Sat - winner 1:12.54 - Race 1 on Sun - winner 1:12.06. Race 2 PROVES that horses LOVE the Punk Rock - Sat - 1:49.03 vs Sun 1.33:47! With this discovering, I'm thinking I might ditch my job at a desk and start training horses to run... while listening to Less Than Jake.

So which is it Monmouth Park, can horses not run when there is noise, or does Monmouth Park just not want to resolve their pollution problem in a timely manner and are using "noise" as an excuse? Seems the later might be most accurate.

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