Friday, July 10, 2009

Searching for one Tom DeSeno

Some of you might remember a blogger and one time candidate for County Freeholder by the name of "Tom DeSeno". You might even have seen me link to his blog JustifiedRight at and mention his name here a few times. I've even met in person Tom on a number of occasions including a trip to his office on March where my girlfriend an I filled out some paperwork and paid him $600 by check to handle a name change for my girlfriend. He also has two other checks from us, one to cover the fees for a court filing, and one to cover the fees for a public notice to be printed in the paper. I believe the sum of those checks is over $100 more but neither has been cashed.

Anyhow, it is now July 10th and my girlfriends name still isn't changed, Tom has not returned our phone calls or emails in over a month, despite cashing our $600 check in March, and the court house has no record of any application for a name change being filed in my girlfriend's name.

Interestingly enough, the two phone numbers we had for "office numbers" for Tom are both disconnected. He did answer a call to a number we had listed as his "cell phone number" on Tuesday at which time he promised to call back with an update and apologized but there has been no contact since then as of now, Friday July 10th, 4:10pm.

If any of my readers happen to see Tom around and/or have other contact information aside from his email address, please do drop me a line and/or ask Tom to call me immediately regarding this matter.

My phone number is no secret - 732-963-4606 and Tom can call me at any time or call any of the other (not for public disclosure on a blog) numbers he has for me or my girlfriend.

P.S. - I have been extremely busy at work as lay-offs, salary cuts, projects have been evolving and will return to my blog and local actions shortly. Sorry. :(

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