Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Someone Send Al Gore to Chicago!

Someone Send Al Gore to Chicago, it seems like they need some "global warming". Chicago Sees Coldest July In 67 Years - Average Temperature Only 68.9 Degrees

In light of this development, here are some related stories to consider:
The Chicago Climate Exchange - a cap and trade system. - or a market for a problem that doesn't exist.

Chicago Climate Action Plan - whoddathunk their work would pay off so soon! Take a look at the Government authorized fear mongering:
The most obvious change to come could be hotter summers and more frequent and intense heat waves. Hot days could feel even hotter because of higher humidity. More heat waves will mean more heat-related illness and deterioration in the quality of air we breathe. Higher temperatures will also boost demand for electricity and put stress on power plants. It will cost more to maintain roads and buildings because of increased wear and tear. Landscaping costs will rise, too, as a result of heat stress and a longer blooming season. Costs of both police and fire services could be higher--police receive more calls during heat waves--and hot days could result in more fires and power outages.
What makes this interesting is that it talks about heat leading to illness - and at the same time, someone keeps telling We the People that come winter, the cold will cause causes of the Swine Flu to skyrocket. Garbage science, or at least garbage reporting.

While I'm talking about Chicago, don't forget that Chicago also thinks it can gun crime by banning guns from law abiding citizens. So this story is interesting to say the least: Man dead after shot while riding bike in Chicago Lawn. Doesn't seem like the gun ban works, just as Cap And Trade doesn't work.

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