Friday, August 28, 2009

Lisa Jackson to Lisa Jackson: "You Fail fundamental tests of competence"

Continuing my week of providing quotes that others have said... the Worst News Paper Ever today reported that Lisa Jackson, head of the Federal EPA, has reported that the NJ DEP, while headed by the same Lisa Jackson, "still hasn't made fixes promised since 2006 and detailed extensive shortfalls in New Jersey's toxic-site cleanup program."

In a sense, the report means the EPA — headed by former DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson — is criticizing the management of the DEP during the years Jackson was in charge.
"This audit is an indictment of DEP management for failing fundamental tests of competence," Wolfe said. "Without basic procedures for assuring the accuracy and quality of performance data a public agency cannot even be sure that its shoes are tied."
Special Note: Since 2006 - take a look at the year on that sign about pollution in Branchport Creek... the sign is still there today - Aug 28, 2009 with no real sign of progress made although Monmouth Park does have plans "in the works"...

In a hate to say I told you so moment... I said this back in November of 2008... and I really said it... because if you haven't noticed, it's possible that this week's quotes MIGHT be my own version of something someone else said or implied.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Asbury Park Press: You People have some nerve asking Pallone to represent you!

Just when I thought that the Worst News Paper Ever was at the rock bottom of editorial ability, they sunk one level lower today by publishing their own opinion of Pallone's town hall meeting. One paragraph of their editorial is enough to summarize where they went wrong:
Many of the 1,500 people who showed up at Red Bank Middle School didn't seem interested in learning anything or engaging in the reasoned give-and-take necessary to gaining a fuller understanding of an extraordinarily complicated issue.
I offer this correction to the APP:
One of the one Congressman who showed up at the Red Bank Middle School didn't seem interested in learning anything or engaging in the reasoned give-and-take necessary to gaining a fuller understand of an extraordinarily complicated issue.
If 1,500 people show up asking their representative to represent them, and that representative explicitly tells them "No. I won't give and take anything and I won't represent you", how or why would the APP expect those 1,500 to give-and-take anything?

Further, it sounds like Tom DeSeno offered quite a bit of give, and it even sounds like Pallone took something from Tommy, but don't expect Pallone to go any further or change his opinion and beliefs, or modify the bill, or research Tommy's own research, or consider what We the People of NJ-6 want.

Of course, the Asbury Park Press expects you to change your opinions and beliefs, because Frank Pallone said so.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frank Pallone: I'm NOT here to listen, I'm here to Tell!

Some would call this a dictatorship...
"Congressman Pallone, you represent us, the constituents of your district," Degman declared. "Will you remove your support from a bill the majority of your constituents do not want?"

No, was Pallone's response.

"I'm very proud of the bill," said the lawmaker, who repeatedly told the audience, "I don't believe the majority are opposed to this."
Pallone also claimed that ObamaCare would be budget neutral. He said it will cost only 1 trillion
Oddly enough, Congress also believed that $2 Billion for Cash For Clunkers was more than enough. Seems they didn't calculate correctly and had to end that program a bit early due to over-demand (is that even a word/concept?). Further, Pallone wanted to have his town hall meeting in a room for 100 people.... about 1500 showed up. Talk about planning, or lack there-of.

I'll be perfectly honest, based on the lack of planning, what I saw and the reports of what was said - it almost seems as if Mr. Pallone was just trying to cause a fight, shooting or other form of violence in the crowd. It seems as if he was antagonizing the audience and hoping for a real problem, probably so that he can ram some other legislation (like a gun ban) down our throats. I give those of you who attended much credit for remaining calm and level-headed. Hopefully the Holt meeting is equally peaceful and equally strong in opposition to ObamaPalloneCare.

For the record, I did make an effort to stop by the event after work afterall. I wasted a half tank of gas trying to find parking in Red Bank around 6:15 and when I finally got to the line and saw 1000 people ahead of me after the first 500 had already entered the meeting, I decided to leave the event and waste some more gas driving back home.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why I won't be attending Pallone's Phony Town Hall Meeting

I've received numerous emails (and even two telephone calls!) from readers asking me if I would be attending Pallone's Phony Town Hall Meeting tonight in Red Bank. I thought about it for a long time and have decided that I will not be attending. If you are interested in my reasoning, continue on, otherwise, make your own choice and feel free to drop me a note if you attend.

First and most important, I will not be attending this town hall meeting because the primary topic is sure to be ObamaCare. I absolutely, in no way, shape or form, believe that government run healthcare is in the best interest of We The People. Let me be clear and say that I include Medicare and Medicaid in that statement but I do not include VA care as the government is the employer of our service men and women and as their employer, the government should provide healthcare to it's employees, in my humble opinion.

Considering that Frank Pallone wrote/co-sponsored the bill in question, it seems very likely that anything I say, you say, or anyone says in opposition of Mr. Pallone's views will simply be ignored so that the next nut hugger can be heard singing the praises of poor, mis-managed, inefficient, government run healthcare. Again let me be clear, nothing said by We The People will be heard by Frank Pallone tonight despite his claims that everyone will be heard. You may, or may not, get your chance to speak, but be sure Frank will not be listening, let alone hear what you say or think about your opinion.

Second, I will not be attending this town hall meeting because Frank Pallone is not a representative of me. I believe in government of the people, by the people, for the people. Frank Pallone does not fit this description of government. Frank Pallone is elected of the Democratic Party, by the Democratic Party, for the Democratic Party. He solely represents the Party and not We The People. Again, to be clear, he does not represent, you, my neighbor who might even be a registered Democrat, he represents the entity that is the Democratic Party. If you are a registered Democrat, I do not for one second believe that Frank Pallone represents you. Just as I claim to be a registered Republican and ran as a Republican, I am surely not Karl Rove or George Bush just as you are not Frank Pallone or, his friend, Nancy Pelosi. We the People are not represented in the United States Government by Frank Pallone just as we were not represented by George Bush and are not represented by Barack Hussein Obama. The two party system has failed to serve We The People and speaking tonight at Pallone's Town Hall Meeting will not help a system that is owned and operated by the Republican and Democratic Parties. If you want your voice to be heard, and listened to, by Frank Pallone, the solution is not only to not elect him, again, next year and to force career politicians like Pallone to find alternative means of employment by seeking term limits for all politicians, at all levels. Frank Pallone no longer needs to be concerned with the opinions of his constituents because the Democratic Party will always ensure that he is elected to represent their interests, even when their interests conflict with the interests of the people.

Finally, I will not be attending tonight's town hall meeting because, once again, the topic will surely be "healthcare". It is my belief that the Obama administration has no real plan to ever actually provide a healthcare plan to We The People. I believe that the Obama administration simply wants to distract We The People from all of the other failures of our government, namely that the Obama administration has failed to withdraw our troops from Iraq, has escalated a war in Afghanistan, and has increased the national defict so greatly that we're $2 TRILLION further in the hole than even Obama hmself thought we would be. Could you imagine if you or I were more than 22% further into debt that we even thought we were? Again, this administration, Frank Pallone included, does not represent me and I do not believe that it represents any of We The People although a few may still be fooled and believe that they are somehow being represented.

So anyhow, if you go, please feel free to leave me an email with your own review of the meeting. If you don't get a chance to speak, or even if you do but don't think anyone was listening, feel free to email your comments and opinions and I'll read, and even think about them.

And now back to my regularly scheduled duties...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hero Charles (Gus) Augusto Saves 3 Lives Including His Own

Hero Charles (Gus) Augusto rightfully defended his life as well as the lives of his employees yesterday in Harlem. So far Al Sharpton hasn't commented but there are questions to as to whether the gun was legally licensed, possessed and used.

Insert something here about "Vigilantism is Justified when the Government has Failed to Enforce the Law" - in this case, the "Law" failed to Protect and Serve, perhaps because the Law was busy tasering a Mom? As politicians, like Jon Corzine or Mike Bloomberg, make it harder for us law abiding citizens to obtain firearms to protect ourselves with initiative like "one gun a month", the criminals will find it easier and easier to rob and terrorize law abiding citizens. We the People MUST make our voices heard to ensure that this Hero is not charged in ANY crimes and future would-be-victims are not afraid, or unable, to defend themselves.

As some points of reference for NY Gun "Crimes", see:
Bernhard Goetz
Plaxico Burress
We the People must be sure that Gus is not charged as a criminal for his bravery because the politicians have failed to protect our rights in the past and will fail again if we permit them.

Further, We the People should also be sure to observe our own 2nd Amendment Rights and ensure that our lives, and the lives our loved ones, are protected from the criminal thugs who would otherwise prey upon us by having firearms of our own and proper training in the use of said firearms.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wind Power on Display in Long Branch

For those considering alternative energy sources, you know, so the terr-wrists don't win, there is a Windspire unit on [working] display down in Pier Village in Long Branch NJ. The manufacturer claims 2,000kWh/yr with just 12mph avg wind speed out of a single 30ft tall unit. The unit on display in Long Branch seemed to be near silent over other noise from the ocean and pedestrians. Again, the manufacturer claims "6 dB above ambient (15 mph wind, 6 ft from base)". The website lists the cost at $9,000-$12,000 installed but notes a rather significant rebate is available through the gooberment.

So someone call Frank Pallone, Chris Smith and all of the other Cap & Tax supporters and find out when they will be personally dumping $10K into such a system. Or would that be expecting our politicians to participate in a capitalist, free market system, which they don't support?

As a side note - if I thought that Long Branch zoning laws would permit one of these *THINGS* on my front lawn, I'd consider buying one, but the zoning laws most likely say that I can't use my own private property in a manner for which I wish to use it. Maybe I can just find someone who can help me get a variance, this is NJ afterall.

Marines ban Twitter, Twitter goes down

... I'm just Say'n.... Twitter being down and the Marines banning Twitter... sounds like a great new conspiracy theory in the making.

Lesson to be learned? Don't try to take away 1st Amendment Rights from people who exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tell Corzine One Gun a Month doesn't solve any problems

Word on the street is that Gov. Corzine will sign the "One Gun a Month" law into effect tomorrow (Thursday Aug 5, 2009) at noon. The law "prohibits individuals from purchasing more than one handgun in a calendar month".

It's no surprise really that our Second Amendment rights are being rationed as if we're prisoners, after all our First Amendment rights have been under rations for quite some time now, just ask Mr. Gates who was arrested for not being nice, or Don Imus who was fired, also for not being nice. I suspect it's only a matter of time before the US is like Japan and we have to smile at all times. I'll be honest, I always thought that being "nice" was a courtesy, not a requirement, I should watch to make sure I don't get fired, or arrested, for not being "nice".

But back on topic, take a few minutes to call the Gov. and explain to him that limiting the rights of law abiding citizens is unacceptable and fails to address the problem that criminals will still obtain firearms, at a rate greater than one a month. You might even point him to the Violence Policy Center research that seems to indicate that law abiding gun owners with permits to carry are responsible for less than 1% of crime. In fact, compared to vehicles, guns are safe. Then again... I should stop here before I give Corzine any reason to ban cars...

Will President Clinton Please Go Get Private Bowe Bergdahl now?

Remember that war we're still fighting in Afghanistan? Since President Bill Clinton has decided that his wife Hillary, the Secretary of State, and her boss, President Obama, can't get the job done to bring home American's being held overseas, perhaps Mr. Clinton can take a trip to Afghanistan next and bring home Private Bowe Bergdahl?

If Mr. Clinton needs another warm up adventure before doing any heavy lifting, perhaps he can Bring Sean Home since Cap and Trade voter Chris Smith can't get it done, Rush Holt can't be found, and both Hillary and Obama have proven to be unable to get the job done.

Thank you Bill.