Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frank Pallone: I'm NOT here to listen, I'm here to Tell!

Some would call this a dictatorship...
"Congressman Pallone, you represent us, the constituents of your district," Degman declared. "Will you remove your support from a bill the majority of your constituents do not want?"

No, was Pallone's response.

"I'm very proud of the bill," said the lawmaker, who repeatedly told the audience, "I don't believe the majority are opposed to this."
Pallone also claimed that ObamaCare would be budget neutral. He said it will cost only 1 trillion
Oddly enough, Congress also believed that $2 Billion for Cash For Clunkers was more than enough. Seems they didn't calculate correctly and had to end that program a bit early due to over-demand (is that even a word/concept?). Further, Pallone wanted to have his town hall meeting in a room for 100 people.... about 1500 showed up. Talk about planning, or lack there-of.

I'll be perfectly honest, based on the lack of planning, what I saw and the reports of what was said - it almost seems as if Mr. Pallone was just trying to cause a fight, shooting or other form of violence in the crowd. It seems as if he was antagonizing the audience and hoping for a real problem, probably so that he can ram some other legislation (like a gun ban) down our throats. I give those of you who attended much credit for remaining calm and level-headed. Hopefully the Holt meeting is equally peaceful and equally strong in opposition to ObamaPalloneCare.

For the record, I did make an effort to stop by the event after work afterall. I wasted a half tank of gas trying to find parking in Red Bank around 6:15 and when I finally got to the line and saw 1000 people ahead of me after the first 500 had already entered the meeting, I decided to leave the event and waste some more gas driving back home.

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Chris said...

Jim, I also posted some videos on my blog... Too bad my camera memory was half-full and couldn't film too much.