Friday, August 14, 2009

Hero Charles (Gus) Augusto Saves 3 Lives Including His Own

Hero Charles (Gus) Augusto rightfully defended his life as well as the lives of his employees yesterday in Harlem. So far Al Sharpton hasn't commented but there are questions to as to whether the gun was legally licensed, possessed and used.

Insert something here about "Vigilantism is Justified when the Government has Failed to Enforce the Law" - in this case, the "Law" failed to Protect and Serve, perhaps because the Law was busy tasering a Mom? As politicians, like Jon Corzine or Mike Bloomberg, make it harder for us law abiding citizens to obtain firearms to protect ourselves with initiative like "one gun a month", the criminals will find it easier and easier to rob and terrorize law abiding citizens. We the People MUST make our voices heard to ensure that this Hero is not charged in ANY crimes and future would-be-victims are not afraid, or unable, to defend themselves.

As some points of reference for NY Gun "Crimes", see:
Bernhard Goetz
Plaxico Burress
We the People must be sure that Gus is not charged as a criminal for his bravery because the politicians have failed to protect our rights in the past and will fail again if we permit them.

Further, We the People should also be sure to observe our own 2nd Amendment Rights and ensure that our lives, and the lives our loved ones, are protected from the criminal thugs who would otherwise prey upon us by having firearms of our own and proper training in the use of said firearms.

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