Friday, August 28, 2009

Lisa Jackson to Lisa Jackson: "You Fail fundamental tests of competence"

Continuing my week of providing quotes that others have said... the Worst News Paper Ever today reported that Lisa Jackson, head of the Federal EPA, has reported that the NJ DEP, while headed by the same Lisa Jackson, "still hasn't made fixes promised since 2006 and detailed extensive shortfalls in New Jersey's toxic-site cleanup program."

In a sense, the report means the EPA — headed by former DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson — is criticizing the management of the DEP during the years Jackson was in charge.
"This audit is an indictment of DEP management for failing fundamental tests of competence," Wolfe said. "Without basic procedures for assuring the accuracy and quality of performance data a public agency cannot even be sure that its shoes are tied."
Special Note: Since 2006 - take a look at the year on that sign about pollution in Branchport Creek... the sign is still there today - Aug 28, 2009 with no real sign of progress made although Monmouth Park does have plans "in the works"...

In a hate to say I told you so moment... I said this back in November of 2008... and I really said it... because if you haven't noticed, it's possible that this week's quotes MIGHT be my own version of something someone else said or implied.

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