Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tell Corzine One Gun a Month doesn't solve any problems

Word on the street is that Gov. Corzine will sign the "One Gun a Month" law into effect tomorrow (Thursday Aug 5, 2009) at noon. The law "prohibits individuals from purchasing more than one handgun in a calendar month".

It's no surprise really that our Second Amendment rights are being rationed as if we're prisoners, after all our First Amendment rights have been under rations for quite some time now, just ask Mr. Gates who was arrested for not being nice, or Don Imus who was fired, also for not being nice. I suspect it's only a matter of time before the US is like Japan and we have to smile at all times. I'll be honest, I always thought that being "nice" was a courtesy, not a requirement, I should watch to make sure I don't get fired, or arrested, for not being "nice".

But back on topic, take a few minutes to call the Gov. and explain to him that limiting the rights of law abiding citizens is unacceptable and fails to address the problem that criminals will still obtain firearms, at a rate greater than one a month. You might even point him to the Violence Policy Center research that seems to indicate that law abiding gun owners with permits to carry are responsible for less than 1% of crime. In fact, compared to vehicles, guns are safe. Then again... I should stop here before I give Corzine any reason to ban cars...

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