Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why I won't be attending Pallone's Phony Town Hall Meeting

I've received numerous emails (and even two telephone calls!) from readers asking me if I would be attending Pallone's Phony Town Hall Meeting tonight in Red Bank. I thought about it for a long time and have decided that I will not be attending. If you are interested in my reasoning, continue on, otherwise, make your own choice and feel free to drop me a note if you attend.

First and most important, I will not be attending this town hall meeting because the primary topic is sure to be ObamaCare. I absolutely, in no way, shape or form, believe that government run healthcare is in the best interest of We The People. Let me be clear and say that I include Medicare and Medicaid in that statement but I do not include VA care as the government is the employer of our service men and women and as their employer, the government should provide healthcare to it's employees, in my humble opinion.

Considering that Frank Pallone wrote/co-sponsored the bill in question, it seems very likely that anything I say, you say, or anyone says in opposition of Mr. Pallone's views will simply be ignored so that the next nut hugger can be heard singing the praises of poor, mis-managed, inefficient, government run healthcare. Again let me be clear, nothing said by We The People will be heard by Frank Pallone tonight despite his claims that everyone will be heard. You may, or may not, get your chance to speak, but be sure Frank will not be listening, let alone hear what you say or think about your opinion.

Second, I will not be attending this town hall meeting because Frank Pallone is not a representative of me. I believe in government of the people, by the people, for the people. Frank Pallone does not fit this description of government. Frank Pallone is elected of the Democratic Party, by the Democratic Party, for the Democratic Party. He solely represents the Party and not We The People. Again, to be clear, he does not represent, you, my neighbor who might even be a registered Democrat, he represents the entity that is the Democratic Party. If you are a registered Democrat, I do not for one second believe that Frank Pallone represents you. Just as I claim to be a registered Republican and ran as a Republican, I am surely not Karl Rove or George Bush just as you are not Frank Pallone or, his friend, Nancy Pelosi. We the People are not represented in the United States Government by Frank Pallone just as we were not represented by George Bush and are not represented by Barack Hussein Obama. The two party system has failed to serve We The People and speaking tonight at Pallone's Town Hall Meeting will not help a system that is owned and operated by the Republican and Democratic Parties. If you want your voice to be heard, and listened to, by Frank Pallone, the solution is not only to not elect him, again, next year and to force career politicians like Pallone to find alternative means of employment by seeking term limits for all politicians, at all levels. Frank Pallone no longer needs to be concerned with the opinions of his constituents because the Democratic Party will always ensure that he is elected to represent their interests, even when their interests conflict with the interests of the people.

Finally, I will not be attending tonight's town hall meeting because, once again, the topic will surely be "healthcare". It is my belief that the Obama administration has no real plan to ever actually provide a healthcare plan to We The People. I believe that the Obama administration simply wants to distract We The People from all of the other failures of our government, namely that the Obama administration has failed to withdraw our troops from Iraq, has escalated a war in Afghanistan, and has increased the national defict so greatly that we're $2 TRILLION further in the hole than even Obama hmself thought we would be. Could you imagine if you or I were more than 22% further into debt that we even thought we were? Again, this administration, Frank Pallone included, does not represent me and I do not believe that it represents any of We The People although a few may still be fooled and believe that they are somehow being represented.

So anyhow, if you go, please feel free to leave me an email with your own review of the meeting. If you don't get a chance to speak, or even if you do but don't think anyone was listening, feel free to email your comments and opinions and I'll read, and even think about them.

And now back to my regularly scheduled duties...

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Chris said...

Jim, you should come. There will be many protesters, from various tea party groups and other public figures. Some of us will get in, and will be able to ask questions, and we must support them from the audience. And everything Pallone says, will be used against him next year!