Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Will President Clinton Please Go Get Private Bowe Bergdahl now?

Remember that war we're still fighting in Afghanistan? Since President Bill Clinton has decided that his wife Hillary, the Secretary of State, and her boss, President Obama, can't get the job done to bring home American's being held overseas, perhaps Mr. Clinton can take a trip to Afghanistan next and bring home Private Bowe Bergdahl?

If Mr. Clinton needs another warm up adventure before doing any heavy lifting, perhaps he can Bring Sean Home since Cap and Trade voter Chris Smith can't get it done, Rush Holt can't be found, and both Hillary and Obama have proven to be unable to get the job done.

Thank you Bill.

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Jeff said...

From where I'm sitting Bill is the perfect guy to assign an airplane to and start sending him places to get the job done. First off, he's going to want the time away from Hillary. Second off, there'll be some slack time for him to "sample the locals" as it were. And third, half the Obama administration are ex-Clinton cronies, so Obama owes him one.

Yeah, he's the high powered envoy that can get the job done!