Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wind Power on Display in Long Branch

For those considering alternative energy sources, you know, so the terr-wrists don't win, there is a Windspire unit on [working] display down in Pier Village in Long Branch NJ. The manufacturer claims 2,000kWh/yr with just 12mph avg wind speed out of a single 30ft tall unit. The unit on display in Long Branch seemed to be near silent over other noise from the ocean and pedestrians. Again, the manufacturer claims "6 dB above ambient (15 mph wind, 6 ft from base)". The website lists the cost at $9,000-$12,000 installed but notes a rather significant rebate is available through the gooberment.

So someone call Frank Pallone, Chris Smith and all of the other Cap & Tax supporters and find out when they will be personally dumping $10K into such a system. Or would that be expecting our politicians to participate in a capitalist, free market system, which they don't support?

As a side note - if I thought that Long Branch zoning laws would permit one of these *THINGS* on my front lawn, I'd consider buying one, but the zoning laws most likely say that I can't use my own private property in a manner for which I wish to use it. Maybe I can just find someone who can help me get a variance, this is NJ afterall.

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Joseph said...

The real value in these alternative energy generators are the renewable energy certificates that you receive for each kilowatt of renewable energy generated. It is not uncommon for the certificate to sell for several time more than the electricity. Unfortunately, NJ no longer issues certificates for wind power. NJ only issues certificates for solar power.