Monday, September 28, 2009

Frank Pallone: I won't listen to YOU PEOPLE, or Science!

First, I certainly won't be providing any new "news" on this subject, so if you were looking for any information about how corrupt Mr. Frank Pallone is today, you can review some news stories here here here here here here or here.

With that sad, the summary of the story goes something like this:
ReGen, a company who makes a [defective] knee meniscus replacement device was EXTORTED out of over $50K by several of New Jersey Democratic representatives including our own Frank Pallone. This $50K in addition to the $200K extorted by Sen. Menendez through an aide of his. So in order to have their product approved by the FDA for use, after being rejected twice, ReGen was EXTORTED by Mr. Pallone, who happens to be the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Health, and used the payoff as incentive to put "extreme pressure" on the FDA to approve the product. Then, having recognized that he could be caught, Mr. Pallone decided to back track and try to play the good guy by asking the FDA to review what went wrong.

SO, if you recall from last month's Pallone town hall meeting, the one where Pallone told the people "NO, I won't represent you", then this situation further demonstrates that Pallone is not in office with the intentions to represent the people, he is there to EXTORT money and shove garbage, in the form of bad legislation and bad medical devices, down the throats of us taxpayers. Mr. Pallone REFUSED TO LISTEN TO THE SCIENCE at the FDA and forced them to accept this device just as Mr. Pallone REFUSES TO LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE and the accounting facts and wants to force government healthcare upon We The People.

In my opinion, Mr. Pallone should be immediately removed from his Chairman position and removed from Congress pending the outcome of an EXTORTION inquiry. Worth noting here, again, that Mr. Pallone was one of only a few Congressman who voted to continue to fund ACORN. This vote after ACORN was caught on camera providing information to a pimp and his ho on how to commit crimes.

Further, what company, or companies, is Mr. Pallone EXTORTING, by promoting ObamaCare? This certainly isn't the first time that Mr. Pallone has EXTORTED money from a company to get their device approved (or banned) as I'd have to doubt that a first time offender would know how to put "extreme pressure" on the FDA. EXTORTION.

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