Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monmouth Park Dog & Pony Show Continues Sept 16 - 2pm

I've just received notice that the NJ DEP will be holding a big* press conference at Monmouth Park tomorrow (Wednesday Sept 16) at 2pm in Oceanport. *Big except for the fact that no-one will be there.

Officially the event is "Monmouth Park Racetrack Stormwater Project Announcement" / Event Time: 2:00 - 3:00pm in the Tracks "Library, Admin. Building"

Attendees: Commissioner Mauriello, Dennis Robinson (CEO, NJSEA),

From the spreadsheet:
DEP Commissioner Mauriello and NJSEA Pres & CEO will announce funding for infrastructure improvements to Monmouth Park Racetrack that will create jobs and improve stormwater runoff management at that park. The project will redirect contaminated water to a treatment facility and provide clean water run-off drains that lead to Branchport Creek.

Event will be held in the library on the 2nd floor of the Park's administration building. In the event that the weather tomorrow allows for an outdoor event, location will be determined on site and staff will be on hand to direct press.

Create Jobs??? Not that I'm against creating jobs, BUT, since when was the NJ DEP responsible for creating jobs after the NJSEA pollutes a river? Seems like first and foremost in that Event Information Checklist should be "address EXACTLY how NJSEA will WASTE $22 MILLION pretending to fix the pollution problem while really just doing some landscaping work around the facility.

And speaking of $22 MILLION, and maybe I shouldn't care since I'm supposed to believe that our tax money won't be used for this project, here is the list of pending projects in NJ with costs. Seems like a lot of things can be done much cheaper than MP's claim for needing $22 MILLION to resolve a pollution problem that seems like it is caused mostly by lazy, incompetent workers. Go Figure.

Oddly enough, I don't seem to be invited and neither are you. The "invites" list is empty and no one seems scheduled to talk back at DEP, NJSEA or anyone else. I'm wondering if Mayor Mahon and/or any of the Oceanport Counsel are aware of the meeting and invited?

In either case.... $22 MILLION.... let's hope that the track can fund this project with proceeds from those $1 parking passes and not from our tax dollars. Let's also hope that the DEP employees start doing their jobs and ensure that Monmouth Park spends this money on the project that will prevent pollution and nothing more.

UPDATE: 11PM Tuesday: It seems that Oceanport administration was notified of this meeting sometime around or after 4PM today. Not much time for planning and I suspect that Mayor Mahon, Joseph Irace and the others who have worked hard to resolve this issue for Oceanport, Long Branch and all of New Jersey will be at work like the rest of us and unable to attend the big* event.
*Big except for the fact that no-one will be there.

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