Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another "Unlikely"Dagget Endorsement

Remember Gene Baldassari, New Jersey's First Candidate from the Modern Whig Party? In a press release today, Baldassari has endorsed Chris Daggett for Governor of New Jersey. The press release follows:
Baldassari Supports Daggett in Unlikely Endorsement

Hamilton, NJ - In an unlikely advocacy, 14th District Assembly candidate Gene Baldassari has endorsed Chris Daggett for Governor. According to Baldassari, “Some people are accusing me of departing from my lifelong support of small government, fiscal responsibility, and freedom.”
“However”, Gene added, “the real issue in this election is the inability of Chris Christie and Jon Corzine to properly represent NJ citizens. At least Chris Daggett would not be attached to the powers that have held our State hostage to an incurable addiction of spending and taxation.”
Baldassari is running under the banner of the Modern Whig Party. This movement, restored by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and centered in Washington, has Chapters in 26 States. Along with their prescribed principles of fiscal responsibility, common sense, and rational thinking, the Modern Whig’s promote an end to party bickering by supporting candidates and officials who advocate a citizen oriented platform, regardless of party affiliation.
Full Text of Baldassari Endorsement:
Baldassari Campaign Site
Campaign Contact:
Dan Sexton: 609-528-4979
The endorsement really is "UNLIKELY" for several reasons as the two candidates could not be further apart on the issues. I would have expected someone with Baldassari's positions to endorse a candidate like Jason Cullen. The only way this endorsement of Daggett makes sense is, as Gene Baldassari has noted, if people simply vote third party (Daggett) and vote for Baldassari because they voted for an Independent Gov.

I personally still want to believe that people are doing their homework on each candidate and voting for the candidate who best represents their own beliefs and opinions, not the person that they think might win, or the person that they think offers the loudest protest vote, or the person who represents a party (or not) rather than their own individual interests.

November should be interesting... if I were a betting man, I'd say based on the polls, the media coverage, the endorsements and the undeserved support of Daggett by people who likely have no idea where he stands on most issues and probably wouldn't vote for him if they did, NJ should be prepared to deal with Corzine for another 4 years when he wins re-election with well over 60% of the vote.


Septimus said...

I am not sure Baldassari's comment on Dagget was as cynical as that. He just observed that an Independent would be better than either of the two older parties, as the race narrows between those three.

There would be an inherent advantage of having a governor outside of the corruption of the Dems or GOP.

James Hogan said...

Trouble is that Daggett seems to be as much of a party insider as (D) Corzine or (R) Christie.

Having read the platform (I) Daggett presents on his website, he is really no different than (D) Corzine and offers nothing new from the standard D platform, which is exceptionally odd because from his biography he appears to be a long time Republican insider having worked for (R) Gov. Tom Kean, (R) Sen. Ray Bateman AND most recently, Daggett can be connected directly to (R) Pres. GW Bush as much as (R) Christie can be directly connected to (R) GWB. So for anyone voting for Daggett because (R) Christie is too close to (R) Bush, I just can't imagine the reasoning (or lack of knowledge).

For that matter, anyone who believes that Daggett will magically solve the environmental problems we have here in Jersey - I have to say - the guy has spent many years in positions where he could have cleaned up the environment - the oceans, beaches, parks, air, etc are polluted today by no accident of the past few months. Daggett had his chances; he tried; he failed.

The Christie campaign has done very little "right" (both meanings intended) in my humble opinion, but they were dead on accurate yesterday when they said the Daggett is like Corzine, only worse.

Again, IMO, Daggett is as much inside of the corruption of the Ds or Rs and is as much connected to both Trenton and DC politics to be counted as just another career politician who represents a few special interests and not We The People.