Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bring your Cash 4 Clunker to Monmouth Park?

I'm trying to get some information about the parking lot full of junk cars over at Monmouth Park along RT 36.

lot of clunkers at monmouth park
There seems to be somewhere between 100 and 120 cars/trucks/van in the lot. I was only able to find 3 with license plates, the rest have no plates. Several have flat tires and won't be moving on their own without a tire fixing. At least one has "NO START" shoe polished into the side/rear window.

I suspect that I'm looking at Cash 4 Clunker trade-ins that are waiting to be carted off/chemically disabled/crushed/etc. Some of my immediate concerns in no particular order:

1) Have all hazardous fluids been removed from these vehicles? Oil, Gas, brake fluid, coolant, etc?
2) Does MP have the proper permits from DEP/OP to operate a junk yard/auto storage facility?
3) Are taxpayers (who paid for the C4C program) now paying MP to store these cars, if so, how much is it costing us taxpayers to store these cars? How long will we be paying to store cars at MP?

no start
I'll try calling over there tomorrow to get some information unless a reader happens to have some information that they can pass along. Some more pictures of the junk yard (and my puppy) are available here, mind my poor photography skills.

... in fairness, I'm speculating... it is possible that these cars were purchased by a wealthy celebrity to be donated to local needy kids for free (plus tax!) at an event this weekend at MP... hey, it's possible....

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