Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lonegan 2012... And Not Pallone 2010!

As of 10:30pm NJN is saying 49%/44% Christie winning with 81% of the votes counted (5% for Daggett)

So as the numbers trickle in, and it appears Christie will beat the odds and win this Gov. race, let me (hopefully be first to) suggest this:

Steven Lonegan's endorsement of Chris Christie was more powerful than Obama's endorsement of Jon Corzine COMBINED with Corzine's millions of Wall St dollars.

Surely the power of Lonegan can mean only one thing - Lonegan for President of the United States of America 2012!

On a separate note - it could also mean that come next November, Obama won't be able to help Frank Pallone, nor will Frank Pallone's millions of extorted dollars be able to stop a strong conservative from taking his seat in the house.

I have no idea how he'd feel about it, but I'd sure love to see a guy like Hank Butehorn, who I believe resides in the right district, take on Pallone, and I'm sure Hank could earn the Lonegan endorsement he'd need to win. How about it Hank?

For anyone who might not know Hank, Google can help.

P.S. Yes, I'm suggesting that I MIGHT not try to run again, we'll see. :-)


Chris said...

I like the idea of Hank challenging Pallone. Did anybody speak to him? And what do you mean "not Pallone 2012"? I hope he doesn't make it past 2010!

James Hogan said...

I'm not sure if anyone has asked Hank about such an effort, or if he'd even consider it, but I'll surely e-mail him today. I think Hank demonstrates all of the qualities, principles, and ideals that a conservative Republican can want and while I don't think anyone can deny that he's "part of the party", he's certainly stood his ground as being a strong conservative and has parted ways with the party by his support of past candidates (at least Thompson and Lonegan in recent years) who weren't the party picks.

Hopefully Christie can start righting the ship quickly as a swift change of course for our state now can do wonders in next year's elections.

And Not Pallone 2012 was a typo that I'll fix.