Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Gov't Health Insurance Disclosure Box

The Federal Reserve, love 'em or hate 'em, has this federal law in place which essentially forces all of the credit card companies to disclose, in plain English and in a simple to follow box, all of the information about the terms of the card. If you have a credit card of any sort, you know the box I'm talking about, first line says APR: $X, next line Other APRs: $Y, Grace Period: Z days... and so on.

And now the Democratics, not the US Senate, the Democrats, have passed this new Gov't Healthcare plan.

I ask a simple question... which Senator will be the one who reads all 232,34,345,756,234,345,541,646 pages of the bill, referenced bills, other bills, laws and guidelines and puts together all of that information into the same, easy to read, easy to understand Summary of Benefits that I'm used to seeing? Let me give the example of what I would like to see based on a format that my HR people send me year after year, and maybe someone out there can point me this information presented just this way:

Plan Your Monthly Contribution
Single $0
Employee & spouse $200
Employee & child(ren) $200
Family $400

Now, I'm pretty sure that most of my readers are Republicanish, aka have jobs, and have seen a chart like this at every place they have ever worked for. The numbers might be higher or lower but I'm sure that the format is similar. I doubt the Democrats who vote for this healthcare bill have constituents who have seen such a chart but I'm pretty sure that if you are one of them you'll understand it very quickly - you pay $X and get "coverage" for the number of people specified.

Now comes the second half of the information that the HR people will send me which outlines what "coverage" means. It looks something like this:

Benefit Cost/Co-Pay
Physical Examination, including immunizations for persons to age 19 in accordance with Company's schedule of covered well exams $0
Physical Examinations, including immunizations for persons over age 19 in accordance with Company's schedule of covered well exams $25 per Visit
Mammogram $0
Routine Gynecological Care $25 per visit
Inpatient Care: Semi-Private Room and Board $250 Copayment per Day to $1,250 Maximum per Admission, $2,500 Maximum per Year

... and so that list would go on and on with the costs *I* would have to receive some kind of professional service(s).

So, with that said, would a polite Democrat from either the house or senate please send me:
1) My monthly contribution (ie, the total number of tax dollars I will give to the gov't for healthcare)
2) My summary of benefits

I'll also note that ALL of the important, to me, information is condensed neatly into an easy to understand *2* page document, I'll be generous in understanding that Democrats are a bit dimwitted and settle for up to 4 pages to summarize my costs and benefits. I'll provide a fax number if needed. Thank you.

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