Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Problem in America

In case you didn't know it, today, the day I write this blog entry, is December 2, 2009.

You might, or might not, know that last night, on December 1, 2009, US President Barack Hussein Obama delivered a important speech outlining his plan for US involvement in Afghanistan including sending an additional 30,000 troops, costing another $30 billion (because why measure in lives lost or destroyed by taking young men from their home life and family or mention that the cost is just a low estimate at best). I'll leave the other details for you to read on your own, because this blog entry is really just here to note the problem in America.... which I again will not state, but demonstrate in this picture.

This is why we'll never see reduced taxes, a smaller, less powerful government or any of our most rights, The People, as a whole, just don't seem to care. Maybe those calls for a War Tax or The Draft might be on to something, people just aren't paying attention to the severity of the wars our country has been engaged in for the past decade. Another US Serviceman was KIA today it's not showing in Google Trends, no one seems to care.

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