Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chances of beating Pallone in 2010: Little!

Art has the scoop as MoreMonmouthMusings, Former Monmouth County Freeholder Anna Little is officially in seeking to unseat 20+ year incumbent Frank Pallone. This news is HUGE as Anna Little is a real Republican who has real experience and a real chance at defeating Pallone and I couldn't be happier to see her name appear as a candidate, unlike other names I've heard mentioned as possible candidates including:

Diane Gooch who seems to have made large monetary donations to Pallone and other Democrats, 'nuff said.

Mary Pat Angelini who voted for One Gun A Month, which is inexcusable, and she also voted to Expand NJ FamilyCare which makes me worry that she might be on board for ObamaCare if she were in Congress.

Bill Barham has also been mentioned - I don't know much about him, maybe getting on the Little bandwagon without knowing Barham (if he gets into the race) is unfair.

On this news I'll state for the record that I WILL NOT be running in this year's primary and immediately offer my support and endorsement for Anna Little over the current list of known possible candidates, if that means anything to anyone. I was CONSIDERING running again with Angelini and Gooch as the only other names in the game, but with Little stepping up, I believe there is a great candidate in a position to defeat Pallone, which I would not say about Gooch or Angelini and I can only hope that the GOP at all levels from local, county, state and national as well as the Tea Party folks, take advantage of the opportunity to strongly back a strong candidate in Anna Little in a year that Pallone is vulnerable and should finally be voted out of his cozy office.

Frank Pallone is part of the problem, he is a virus on our district. Despite Pallone's claims, he has poorly represented the people of CD6 in Congress and is part of the problem that is:
1) high unemployment, high taxes and an IRS that terrorizes and threatens citizens
2) closed forts that continue to deteriorate while jobs at those forts are lost to other states
3) polluted beaches and waterways
4) uncontrolled illegal immigration that threatens out workforce, social services and security
5) high inflation, trillion dollar federal deficits and yet decreased spending in areas like NASA and our military
6) unaffordable tuition rates for citizens while foreign students and illegal aliens get Gov't help
7) gasoline prices that continue to hover at the $3/gal mark, high energy costs (oil, gas, electric) because of regulations that prohibit offshore windfarms, offshore oil or gas drilling, onland nuclear power or onland windfarms.
8) Two ongoing wars costing the lives of young Americans and the taxpayers of America with no end in sight
9) Irrational gun laws that make criminals out of law-abiding citizens
10) FEMA requires additional flood insurance along the Jersey Shore and Frank, who wrote the healthcare bill for his pal Obama, is somehow powerless to stop them.
11) Pallone EXTORTS thousands of dollars from ReGen executives, and seems to have gotten away with it - the issue has been swept under the rug. Pallone continues to EXTORT huge sums of money from pharmaceutical and healthcare companies alike.
12) Pallone voted to continue funding ACORN

Frank Pallone bad, Anna Little good - tell a friend.

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