Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Poll Says: People Who Didn't Vote, and Republicans, Are Unhappy With the Federal Gov't

The Washington Post is claiming that a new poll indicates that two-thirds of Americans are unhappy with the way that the federal government is working. Shocking. The dummies at the Post then go on to try to claim that this means that two-thirds of people should get involved with the Tea Party and/or start to like Sarah Palin, or Republicans in general, since the Democrats are the ones, perceived to be, in power.

The problem with their little poll seems to be that they don't make a note that reminds the reader that ONLY about 130 million voted in the 2008 elections that made Obama president and solidly put Democrats in charge of the Senate and House. I stress the word ONLY because 130 million people really is ONLY about one-third of the population, meaning that the same two-thirds of the population who didn't bother to vote, either way, in 2008 are likely the same two-thirds who aren't happy with the direction of the federal government, which we can blame on Democrats but shouldn't forget that we do have some "Republicans" (like Chris Smith D4, Leonard Lance D7, and Frank LoBionda D2) sitting in Congress voting for Cap and Trade. so the Rs are certainly not all blame free either.

In my humble opinion, if two-thirds of the population doesn't feel inclined to vote for either party, and is unhappy with the direction that the government has taken, then it can only mean that one party or the other, or a new party, is in a prime spot to actually represent the people and change the course of our nation. The conservative wing of the Republican party seemingly represents a large portion of that two-thirds of the population, but I have to say, Sarah Palin is certainly not the spokes-person for the conservative wing of the party, nor is Rush (or, believe it or not, me).

The Tea Party Movement is a worthy effort, but if anyone intends to really change the way our federal government operates, the Tea Party folks must stop presenting themselves to the public at large as a fringe organization full of anti-government, ultra-right-wing militants who are just loud Republicans. I know that the Tea Party Movement is much more than that, and I am happy to see the Tea Party movement still making waves and gaining momentum, but they too must recognize that for any "change" to happen, they must reach that two-thirds of the population who are dissatisfied with the government, AND didn't vote before.

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