Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Foreign Aid Stinks. $1.15B to Haiti

AP reports are saying that the Obama administration will be pledging $1.15B to Haiti for post earthquake reconstruction. This as part of a UN effort to raise money to rebuild schools, hospitals, courthouses and neighborhoods.

If I'm not mistaken, Americans who WANTED to give their money to Haiti have already done so thanks to a few "celebrities" who got on TV and entertained us with their music and charming stage presence. I for one gave a total of Zero Dollars and Zero cents to Haiti and while I consider myself a generally charitable person (I just donated $50 to homeless pets last night even!) , I'm a bit bummed that the US Government is now forcing me to give my money to Haiti.

I wouldn't mind if the US government wanted to take some of my money and some of your money to pull together $1.15B to rebuild a few schools, hospitals, courthouses and neighborhoods here in the US of A. It seems like every city claims they need money for all of the above... but then I guess that's socialism, right? Better just give away money to other counties, that's CLEARLY better use of US taxpayer money... and not socialism.