Tuesday, June 22, 2010

George Calleia's murder conviction overturned by N.J. appellate panel

For lack of anything better to write, I simply offer a "Wow".

Some of my long time readers might recall the story of my pal George Calleia. Today's APP news offers the headline, the story is at:

An appeals court today overturned the murder conviction of a wealthy Holmdel businessman who was found guilty of killing his wife in 2005.

The court also ruled that expert testimony about DNA evidence was properly admitted in the 2008 trial of George Calleia, whose 43-year-old wife, Susan, was found dead inside her sport utility vehicle in a remote area of PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel.

The court issued the ruling about the DNA evidence because it said testimony about biological material found under the victim's fingernails would likely be used at a re-trial.

The state appellate division based its ruling to overturn the conviction on hearsay statements about the victim's intention to divorce her husband. The court said those statements were improperly admitted and incorrectly characterized as "state of mind evidence."

Calleia, 48, of Tranquility Court, Holmdel was sentenced to 50 years in prison after he was convicted of murder, tampering with evidence, and hindering apprehension.

Prosecutors said the software salesman killed his wife, a stay-at-home mother, because he did not want to split his assets in a divorce.

She had been beaten and strangled, and on Oct. 22, 2005, her partially-clad body was found under a pink yoga mat in the cargo compartment of her Lexus, according to authorities and court documents.

In 2008, defense attorney Edward C. Bertucio Jr. said his client was a model provider and a model parent and maintained his innocence.

As usual, the typical trolls on the APP site have their silly comments on an issue they know nothing about. Hopefully George can have a fair and speedy re-trial and/or at least be a free man while he waits for a new trial, where I can only hope that the truth sets him free, or otherwise that the legal system treats him fairly and he is punished accordingly as well.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Urgent: ACTION NEEDED for Kyleigh's Law (Teen Driver Decal) Repeal

Thanks to Oceanport Councilman Joseph Irace for passing this along on behalf of Assemblyman Robert Schroeder. The National Youth Rights Association ( NYRA - http://www.youthrights.org/ ) has also been fighting this bad and misdirected piece of legislation.

The message passed along by Mr. Irace from Mr Schroeder follows.

Hi everyone,
A quick update: On Tuesday, June 15, I held a press conference in Trenton. I was joined by Sen. Tom Goodwin and a group of concerned parents, teens and local community members to once again speak out about repealing the Kyleigh's Law decal requirement. It was my hope that giving a public platform to these constitutents from across the state would yield positive results, and convince the Democratic leadership to call for another meeting of the Transportation Committee so that one of the six decal-repeal bills could be discussed and released in advance of next week's voting session. Despite an impressive media presence and the compelling stories that were shared, our plea for action once again fell on deaf ears.
I'm not ready to give up yet, and I hope you're not, either.
For the second time, bill A-2740 is on the agenda for a vote. This bill calls for the Attorney General to review the Graduated Driver's License program in six months. As you may recall, I testified my opposition to this bill when it went before the Transporation Committee last month, because its "wait and see" approach keeps our kids at risk. It also dumps the responsibility for fixing this decal problem in the lap of Attorney General, which seems an awful lot like "passing the buck" to me. The legislature is responsible for passing Kyleigh's Law, and we should take responsibility for fixing this ill-advised decal provision. It's also redundant and wasteful: the Dept. of Highway & Traffic Safety and the Motor Vehicle Commission already do a comprehensive annual review of the program...why would we force the Attorney General to do the same? This bill only delays the inevitable: the decals need to go.
When A-2740 was put on the list last month, I announced my intention to put forth a floor amendment that would forgo the AG's study and immediately eliminate the decal requirement instead. Unfortunately, and without explanation, the bill was suddenly pulled off of the voting list at the last minute. Now that it's back on the list, I will once again move forward with my effort--and that's where I need your help.
In order for my floor amendment to pass, and for the decals to be repealed, I need the support of a majority of my fellow assemblymembers. If you want to see the decal repeal provision that I am proposing added to A-2740, please email the members of the General Assembly right away and ask them to support Assemblyman Schroeder's floor amendment to repeal the Kyleigh's Law decals this Monday, June 20.
You can contact them via email using the routing list below:
AswAddiego@njleg.org; AsmAmodeo@njleg.org; AswAngelini@njleg.org; AsmBiondi@njleg.org; AsmBramnick@njleg.org; AsmBucco@njleg.org; AsmCarroll@njleg.org; AswCasagrande@njleg.org; AsmChiusano@njleg.org; AswCoyle@njleg.org;AsmDancer@njleg.org; AsmDeCroce@njleg.org; AsmDiCicco@njleg.org; AsmDiMaio@njleg.org; AswGove@njleg.org; AswHandlin@njleg.org; AsmHolzapfel@njleg.org; AsmMalone@njleg.org; AswMcHose@njleg.org; AswMunoz@njleg.org;AsmO'Scanlon@njleg.org; AsmPeterson@njleg.org; AsmPolistina@njleg.org; AsmRible@njleg.org; AsmRudder@njleg.org; AsmRumana@njleg.org; AsmRumpf@njleg.org; AsmRusso@njleg.org; AsmSchroeder@njleg.org; AsmThompson@njleg.org;AswVandervalk@njleg.org; AsmWebber@njleg.org; AsmWolfe@njleg.org; AsmAlbano@njleg.org; AsmBarnes@njleg.org; AsmBurzichelli@njleg.org; AsmCaputo@njleg.org; AsmChiappone@njleg.org; AsmChivukula@njleg.org; AsmConaway@njleg.org;AsmConners@njleg.org; AsmCoughlin@njleg.org; AsmCoutinho@njleg.org; AsmCryan@njleg.org; AsmDeAngelo@njleg.org; AsmDiegnan@njleg.org; AsmEgan@njleg.org; AswEvans@njleg.org; AsmFuentes@njleg.org; AsmGiblin@njleg.org;AsmGreen@njleg.org; AswGreenstein@njleg.org; AsmGreenwald@njleg.org; AsmGusciora@njleg.org; AswJasey@njleg.org; AsmJohnson@njleg.org; AswLampitt@njleg.org; AsmMainor@njleg.org; AsmMcKeon@njleg.org; AsmMilam@njleg.org;AsmMoriarty@njleg.org; AswOliver@njleg.org; AswPou@njleg.org; AsmPrieto@njleg.org; AswQuigley@njleg.org; AswQuijano@njleg.org; AsmRamos@njleg.org; AswRiley@njleg.org; AswRodriguez@njleg.org; AsmScalera@njleg.org;AsmSchaer@njleg.org; AswSpencer@njleg.org; AswStender@njleg.org; AswTucker@njleg.org; AswHuttle@njleg.org; AswVoss@njleg.org; AswWagner@njleg.org; AswWatsonColeman@njleg.org; AsmWilson@njleg.org; AsmWisniewski@njleg.org
Feel free to help me spread the word, and forward this email to friends and family. Thank you for your continued support of my efforts to eliminate these dangerous, discriminatory decals. Together, we can succeed.

Assemblyman Robert Schroeder

As a reminder to my fellow Republicans here in Long Branch (part of Legislative District 11), our NJ assembly representative are:
David (Dave) Rible (R)
Mary Pat Angelini (R)
Just north of us along the northern Bayshore (district 13), you can contact:
Amy Handlin (R)
Sam Thompson (R)
and if you're a town over in Oceanport you're representative are:
Caroline Casagrande (R)
Declan J. O'Scanlon Jr. (R)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long Branch Pier Charette, Wednesday June 16, 6pm

Long Branch Pier Charette, Wednesday June 16, 6pm

FYI - public meeting in Long Branch tomorrow night:

You're invited to the Long Branch Pier Charette!
What is it? A presentation of and public workshop for the proposed
Pier and Ferry Terminal
When is it? Wednesday, June 16, 2010 from 6:00 - 8:30 PM
Where is it? Long Branch City Hall, 2nd Floor
Why? Learn about and give your insight on the future development of
the Long Branch Pier

There is a flyer with about as much information at:

The story to the right is from 2005 I believe. The Worst News Paper Ever has this more recent story on the Pier/Project.

Hope to see you there.

Duly Elected. Thanks!

As of June 11, 2010, I am now a duly elected Member of the REPUBLICAN County Committee. Thank you to my friends, family and neighbors who nominated me, with a little friendly persuasion, and once I find out all of the details of what my duly elected responsibilities will be, I'll be sure to do them to the best of my ability and keep you all informed of any and all information that I can share.

As always, if there are issues important to you that you want to chat about, my Google voice number really works as does my email. Feel free to drop me a message and I'll see what I can do, if anything at all.

Thank you again!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gooch loses Primary Election bid, cries about it.

The Worst Newspaper Ever is reporting that a fellow has-been Republican Primary loser, Diane Gooch, will be filing for a recount of Republican ballots in CD6. After witnessing the way that Frank Pallone has been purchasing the CD6 seat while living in Washington DC with his family and being re-elected by money from Washington insiders along with Obama and Pelosi's cronies, Mrs. Gooch seems to believe that she too can purchase an election in CD6 much the same way. It stops this year. Gooch did not win an election and neither will Pallone.

From one a loser (in CD6 primary) to another loser (who lives in CD12), give it up Diane. The electorate has voted and that it was even close should be embarrassing enough for you. At least if you don't file for the re-count, you can go on with your Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous friends believing that you were wronged rather than waste the time and money to prove you were soundly defeated, and embarrassed, by an off-the-party-line Little candidate.

Voters should visit http://www.annalittleforcongress.com/ and get to know their future representative today. Donate if you can.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anna Little Victory Party

waiting for some news....

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Scott Sipprelle in CD12 Shows Some Great Wisdom

I'm not a CD12 (district currently not represented by Holt) voter, but I follow the candidates anyhow since I live a block away from CD12. I had been drawn to the principles of David Corsi's campaign even though I have some reservations about Mr. Corsi himself based on some interviews and reviews that local friends who have chatted personally with him have passed along. But having read Scott Sipprelle's reply to Tommy D's "Conservatism Test", I have to say, he'd of won me over as a voter, and if my opinion means anything at all, then my opinion is that CD12 voters would be well served to vote for Scott tomorrow and in November. Scott's reply along with my reply is posted on Tommy's site as well as below:

Dear Tommy,
Since I will not be completing your questionnaire, I want to share some thoughts directly so that neither you nor your readers misconstrue my noncompliance. I am not trying to hide or obscure my beliefs and values and I certainly do not want to give the impression that I am detached or indifferent to the concerns of my potential constituents. Far from it. I have been abundantly descriptive of my plan to restore the economic fabric of America through a detailed blueprint for fiscal responsibility and political reform as described on my issues page at www.SupportScott2010.com. I have also been interviewed on these topics at length, in addition to providing a running commentary on topical issues via press releases. Make no mistake, I have chosen to run for Congress to tighten the connection between the values of America and the way America is governed.
Since I announced my candidacy, I have received dozens of questionnaires from all sorts of well-meaning organizations. While these surveys take different approaches and cover a wide range of topics, the ultimate aim of each is similar: to distill the answers to complex questions into short sound-bite responses. After some reflection on the matter, I have concluded that it would neither be in the voter's interest nor in my interest to participate in this form of democracy by questionnaire. Here is my logic:
1. These surveys encourage pandering and political expediency. Is there any evidence that the answers you receive from the candidates have any truthful connection to the candidate's actual values? Wouldn't it be more meaningful and instructive for you to research and analyze the way each candidate has lived their life, in fact as opposed to in theory?
2. These surveys level the playing field between candidates with entirely different sets of experience and qualifications. Would you choose between, say, candidate Theodore Roosevelt and candidate Spiro T. Agnew based on the check mark responses to a questionnaire? Where does the evaluation of competence come in?
3. These surveys oversimplify complex questions into sound bite answers. Other than perhaps arming opponents with ammunition to use in attack ads for a general election campaign, it would not appear that these types of surveys enhance any candidate's ability to provide persuasive and thoughtful responses to address the nation's most pressing problems (which by their nature are complex).
4. My consistent position is that Washington is full of professional politicians who are meek and cowering in the face of special interests and party bosses. So focused on getting re-elected, these careerists work hard to ensure that they do not anger any single targeted voting bloc by tripping up on one of their litmus tests. So in the end, we are governed by politicians so intent to please that they fail to find the courage to serve the over-arching needs of the country. How else to explain the disgraceful economic condition of America despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans describe themselves as fiscally conservative?
Thank you for considering my position on this matter.
Scott Sipprelle

This is an interesting response from Scott for so many reasons. First, he hits the nail on the head as to what I believe is the biggest problem with getting honest right-leaning politicians elected - that is right leaning voters seem more likely to be single issue type voters from my experience - either pro-lifers, pro-2Aers, anti-immigration, anti-IRS/taxcode, etc - I'll admit that I have seen no scientific polling or facts to back up my claim that right leaning voters are single issue votes, just my personal experience from talking with many many voters over the past few years.

Second, Scott rightly notes that any and all responses are going to be turned into sound bites, press clips, quotes, etc that are out of context and used to inaccurately reflect his real opinions/beliefs. Scott may or may not have the money to defend himself but if he even has to defend himself about Holt/Pallone/etc then he's already on the losing end of the battle. Not to mention, if he's spending money defending himself against inaccurate information, then he's not spending money attacking Holt's actual positions.

Third, and the last thing I'll note although there is more wisdom in his reply, is that he rightly notes that seasoned politicians in Washington like Holt and Pallone have done NOTHING but practice replying to such honest questions with as dishonest and disconnected of a reply as possible. At their townhall meetings, Holt and Pallone never directly answered questions, that would be political suicide and they know it. They have practiced and built years of experience to NOT reply to such questions. I do believe that Scott has made his beliefs known and clear through his actions and campaign events, so I have to say, I think his reply shows that he can do battle with the non-answering Holt/Democrats who have also made their beliefs known without saying a word.

If you still want to know how your candidate replied, you can read the responses from other candidates on Tommy's site. I completed the survey myself Friday night and will be sending my responses to Tommy after the primary if not just for some discussion of the issues. Again, I think it would serve you as a voter well to think about the questions and answer them as honestly as possible, to the best of your ability/knowledge, and use the test to determine if there is a candidate who really represents you well. If you find there isn't one, you can always run for office yourself in two years.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ask Your Candidates to take Tommy D's "Conservatism Test", and take the test yourself

With just days to go before the primary here in NJ, Tommy DeSeno has a rather comprehensive questionnaire that might help voters decide if the candidate they plan to vote for really stands for the principles that they care about. Email your favorite, or less than favorite, candidate a link to Tommy's test and see if they have the fortitude to answer his questions with straight and honest answers. The link is:

Although Tommy probably doesn't care what you and I think, having read the questions, I'd say it might be a worthwhile experience for "conservative" voters to think about the questions and answer the questions themselves BEFORE the candidates reply (if they even bother to) and see how your answers might compare with your candidate's answers. For that matter, maybe email Tommy your own responses and watch Tommy bring you to national fame as the next greatest conservative candidate from NJ.