Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ask Your Candidates to take Tommy D's "Conservatism Test", and take the test yourself

With just days to go before the primary here in NJ, Tommy DeSeno has a rather comprehensive questionnaire that might help voters decide if the candidate they plan to vote for really stands for the principles that they care about. Email your favorite, or less than favorite, candidate a link to Tommy's test and see if they have the fortitude to answer his questions with straight and honest answers. The link is:

Although Tommy probably doesn't care what you and I think, having read the questions, I'd say it might be a worthwhile experience for "conservative" voters to think about the questions and answer the questions themselves BEFORE the candidates reply (if they even bother to) and see how your answers might compare with your candidate's answers. For that matter, maybe email Tommy your own responses and watch Tommy bring you to national fame as the next greatest conservative candidate from NJ.

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