Monday, June 14, 2010

Gooch loses Primary Election bid, cries about it.

The Worst Newspaper Ever is reporting that a fellow has-been Republican Primary loser, Diane Gooch, will be filing for a recount of Republican ballots in CD6. After witnessing the way that Frank Pallone has been purchasing the CD6 seat while living in Washington DC with his family and being re-elected by money from Washington insiders along with Obama and Pelosi's cronies, Mrs. Gooch seems to believe that she too can purchase an election in CD6 much the same way. It stops this year. Gooch did not win an election and neither will Pallone.

From one a loser (in CD6 primary) to another loser (who lives in CD12), give it up Diane. The electorate has voted and that it was even close should be embarrassing enough for you. At least if you don't file for the re-count, you can go on with your Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous friends believing that you were wronged rather than waste the time and money to prove you were soundly defeated, and embarrassed, by an off-the-party-line Little candidate.

Voters should visit and get to know their future representative today. Donate if you can.

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