Thursday, June 17, 2010

Urgent: ACTION NEEDED for Kyleigh's Law (Teen Driver Decal) Repeal

Thanks to Oceanport Councilman Joseph Irace for passing this along on behalf of Assemblyman Robert Schroeder. The National Youth Rights Association ( NYRA - ) has also been fighting this bad and misdirected piece of legislation.

The message passed along by Mr. Irace from Mr Schroeder follows.

Hi everyone,
A quick update: On Tuesday, June 15, I held a press conference in Trenton. I was joined by Sen. Tom Goodwin and a group of concerned parents, teens and local community members to once again speak out about repealing the Kyleigh's Law decal requirement. It was my hope that giving a public platform to these constitutents from across the state would yield positive results, and convince the Democratic leadership to call for another meeting of the Transportation Committee so that one of the six decal-repeal bills could be discussed and released in advance of next week's voting session. Despite an impressive media presence and the compelling stories that were shared, our plea for action once again fell on deaf ears.
I'm not ready to give up yet, and I hope you're not, either.
For the second time, bill A-2740 is on the agenda for a vote. This bill calls for the Attorney General to review the Graduated Driver's License program in six months. As you may recall, I testified my opposition to this bill when it went before the Transporation Committee last month, because its "wait and see" approach keeps our kids at risk. It also dumps the responsibility for fixing this decal problem in the lap of Attorney General, which seems an awful lot like "passing the buck" to me. The legislature is responsible for passing Kyleigh's Law, and we should take responsibility for fixing this ill-advised decal provision. It's also redundant and wasteful: the Dept. of Highway & Traffic Safety and the Motor Vehicle Commission already do a comprehensive annual review of the program...why would we force the Attorney General to do the same? This bill only delays the inevitable: the decals need to go.
When A-2740 was put on the list last month, I announced my intention to put forth a floor amendment that would forgo the AG's study and immediately eliminate the decal requirement instead. Unfortunately, and without explanation, the bill was suddenly pulled off of the voting list at the last minute. Now that it's back on the list, I will once again move forward with my effort--and that's where I need your help.
In order for my floor amendment to pass, and for the decals to be repealed, I need the support of a majority of my fellow assemblymembers. If you want to see the decal repeal provision that I am proposing added to A-2740, please email the members of the General Assembly right away and ask them to support Assemblyman Schroeder's floor amendment to repeal the Kyleigh's Law decals this Monday, June 20.
You can contact them via email using the routing list below:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;AsmO';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Feel free to help me spread the word, and forward this email to friends and family. Thank you for your continued support of my efforts to eliminate these dangerous, discriminatory decals. Together, we can succeed.

Assemblyman Robert Schroeder

As a reminder to my fellow Republicans here in Long Branch (part of Legislative District 11), our NJ assembly representative are:
David (Dave) Rible (R)
Mary Pat Angelini (R)
Just north of us along the northern Bayshore (district 13), you can contact:
Amy Handlin (R)
Sam Thompson (R)
and if you're a town over in Oceanport you're representative are:
Caroline Casagrande (R)
Declan J. O'Scanlon Jr. (R)

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