Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I nominate Oceanport for "Where in NJ is there a better run town than Middletown?"

Our buddy Art Gallagher over at More Monmouth Musings continuously likes to ask "Where in NJ is there a better run town than Middletown?". I'll say this much, Middletown really is a great little town, or not so little really, but the leadership being exhibited over in tiny little Oceanport, NJ certainly deserves a look as the answer to Art's question.

When it comes to finding a realistic solution to the problem that is pollution in the Branchport Creek due to activities at Monmouth Park - the same problem that Frank Pallone and Rush Holt couldn't be bothered with - the Oceanport administration stepped up for it's residents and the environment and found a real, working solution to the problem. Acting as a conduit for access to state loans, Oceanport secured the financing Monmouth Park needed to start a storm water management project to solve the issue. Although work is progressing slowly, work is progressing, and it is thanks to the persistence and concern of the Oceanport administration that residents of Oceanport and Long Branch along the Branchport Creek can look forward to the day when the DANGER signs comes down, and a clean river to boat, fish or send the dogs swimming in returns.

When it comes to the closing of Fort Monmouth - which Frank Pallone and Rush Holt can't be bothered to make efforts to save - the administration in Oceanport has fought hard for home-rule of the fort property that lies within Oceanport.

And now when the State starts talking about selling Monmouth Park to a private owners, the Oceanport administration steps right up for it's residents, calls for a special meeting, and will undoubtedly end the meeting with a common-sense understanding of the concerns and resolutions that will benefit Oceanport residents.

Add to those few items the usual stats about average assessed value, property taxes, total budget, deficits, shared service agreements and I have to say, if I were planning to move and stay within New Jersey, Oceanport would be my first choice in location.

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