Monday, August 30, 2010

Monmouth County Power Outage - Again!

Seems like the power is out in Monmouth County again. APP is not on the story, yet, as of 5pm. Power seems to be out at least from at least Eatontown up to Middletown along the shore including Oceanport and Long Branch.

Update 5:05pm
Some possible cause rumors are starting to trickle in....
1) A Gang of Angry Midgets dressed as clowns have invading the local nuclear power plant and turned off the power to the whole state! 30 minutes later, APP still can not confirm nor deny this story. I'm worried...
2) FirstEnergyCorp told Gov. Chris Christie that his electric rate would be lower this September. They lied. Again, APP has not confirmed nor denied this story.

Update 5:20pm
Still no word from APP but a source (wink wink) indicates that Frank Pallone found out that Anna's Army was with CNN today working the streets of Neptune and he is now falling behind in polls. After learning that he'd be heading to an early retirement, he utilized his position on the House Energy and Commerce to turn off the power to NJ until November 3rd.

Update 5:22pm
APP has confirmed.... the power is out... so helpful. West Long Branch Police sent a Nixle notification asking not to call unless it was an emergency, traffic is being addressed.

Update 5:32pm
power is back on... no now its off again... ohhh back on!! wait.... no... not yet. People are saying traffic is "bad". I never knew traffic was "good". hrm.

Update 6:10pm
...the power is still out. I heard that New Jersey just engaged in a Shared Services agreement with August 2005 California.

If you have a scoop on the breaking news, send me an email.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sabrin Promise!

Sometimes history has an odd way of working out... Last Combat Troops Leave Iraq.

March 20th, 2008 - 4:39pm
Dr. Murray Sabrin made the following promise,
“I promise to resign from office if all combat troops are not removed from
Iraq by September 2010.

Sabrin announced this promise by stating, “Our brave men and women accomplished their mission and won the Iraq War by removing Saddam Hussein. Americans continue to support our troops and approve going after the terrorists who attacked America on September 11th, however, Americans know we can not end another country’s Civil War. The voters sent the politicians to Washington in 2006 to bring our troops home – these politicians have failed. They should either do their job or step aside and that is exactly what we are promising today – if we don’t bring our combat troops home from Iraq by September 2010, I will resign from office and these Members of Congress will not run for re-election. Every congressional and senatorial candidate who is running for office in November needs to make the Sabrin Promise.”

Below is The Sabrin Promise:

The Sabrin Promise

I, __________, a candidate for the (____ Congressional District of ____)/(United States Senate from ___) promise to (not run for re-election)/(resign from office) if all combat troops are not removed from Iraq by September 2010.

I wonder what the experts would say about Sabrin's promise today, or just how Sabrin knew? Or if or how things could have worked out with Senator Sabrin... or how soon our combat troops will return when Iraqi government begins to look more like the (lack of)government in Somalia.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long Branch Republicans? Really. Tongiht - Thursday Aug 12 - 7:30pm

I received a typed letter in the postal mail, a rare form of communications these days, inviting me to an informal meeting of Republicans, IN LONG BRANCH. Interestingly enough, the letter is from a Ralph Treadway, who appears to be an average, ordinary kind of guy, a house mechanic. I don't recognize the name from my travels in Long Branch which is encouraging since I've walked significant portions of the city and spoken to many people and am excited to find another Republican that has the motivation and drive to at least send out a written letter, with a real stamp on it.

The contents of Ralph's letter follow:
Ralph S. Treadway
Long Branch NJ 07740
Tel: [Tel]
Email: [Email]

Aug 5, 2010

Fellow Americans and Citizens of Long Branch:

the long overdue retirement of Congressman Frank Pallone is a matter of justice delayed and of soem importance to the future of America. Since this worthy endeavor is not likely to get bipartisan support, a small group of Long Branch Republicans are planning an in-formal meeting to discuss how we can contribute to the cause of this political careerist's retirement and his replacement by a working, concerned American.

The meeting will be held at Tony's on Morris Ave on Thursday August 12, at 7:30pm

Not unconnected or unrelated to Mr. Pallone's retirement is the future of Long Branch and federal, state and local government relations.

Please come and join us in a discussion of important issues and planning for Mr Pallone's richly deserved and re??introduction to the private economy

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you next week;


I hope to see some familiar faces there tonight. If nothing else, that there seems to be at least a second Republican in Long Branch is a good sign for a future without Pallone as our representative.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Come discuss the issues with Frank Pallone

Ask if he'll debate those issues with Anna Little

Monday Aug 16 from 4 to 7 (thanks for giving us little people so much of your valuable time, sir) at Pallone's Long Branch District Office 504 Broadway Long Branch NJ 07740

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