Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long Branch Republicans? Really. Tongiht - Thursday Aug 12 - 7:30pm

I received a typed letter in the postal mail, a rare form of communications these days, inviting me to an informal meeting of Republicans, IN LONG BRANCH. Interestingly enough, the letter is from a Ralph Treadway, who appears to be an average, ordinary kind of guy, a house mechanic. I don't recognize the name from my travels in Long Branch which is encouraging since I've walked significant portions of the city and spoken to many people and am excited to find another Republican that has the motivation and drive to at least send out a written letter, with a real stamp on it.

The contents of Ralph's letter follow:
Ralph S. Treadway
Long Branch NJ 07740
Tel: [Tel]
Email: [Email]

Aug 5, 2010

Fellow Americans and Citizens of Long Branch:

the long overdue retirement of Congressman Frank Pallone is a matter of justice delayed and of soem importance to the future of America. Since this worthy endeavor is not likely to get bipartisan support, a small group of Long Branch Republicans are planning an in-formal meeting to discuss how we can contribute to the cause of this political careerist's retirement and his replacement by a working, concerned American.

The meeting will be held at Tony's on Morris Ave on Thursday August 12, at 7:30pm

Not unconnected or unrelated to Mr. Pallone's retirement is the future of Long Branch and federal, state and local government relations.

Please come and join us in a discussion of important issues and planning for Mr Pallone's richly deserved and re??introduction to the private economy

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you next week;


I hope to see some familiar faces there tonight. If nothing else, that there seems to be at least a second Republican in Long Branch is a good sign for a future without Pallone as our representative.

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Susan said...

To our Long Branch Republicans:
Look no further, help is on the way! We have the candidate who will send Pallone packing come November. Her Name is ANNA C. LITTLE! Go to her website Come out and support her by volunteering, donating or attending the "Meet and Greets." You will see that she has just the stuff it takes in putting an end to our CD6 misery!