Monday, August 30, 2010

Monmouth County Power Outage - Again!

Seems like the power is out in Monmouth County again. APP is not on the story, yet, as of 5pm. Power seems to be out at least from at least Eatontown up to Middletown along the shore including Oceanport and Long Branch.

Update 5:05pm
Some possible cause rumors are starting to trickle in....
1) A Gang of Angry Midgets dressed as clowns have invading the local nuclear power plant and turned off the power to the whole state! 30 minutes later, APP still can not confirm nor deny this story. I'm worried...
2) FirstEnergyCorp told Gov. Chris Christie that his electric rate would be lower this September. They lied. Again, APP has not confirmed nor denied this story.

Update 5:20pm
Still no word from APP but a source (wink wink) indicates that Frank Pallone found out that Anna's Army was with CNN today working the streets of Neptune and he is now falling behind in polls. After learning that he'd be heading to an early retirement, he utilized his position on the House Energy and Commerce to turn off the power to NJ until November 3rd.

Update 5:22pm
APP has confirmed.... the power is out... so helpful. West Long Branch Police sent a Nixle notification asking not to call unless it was an emergency, traffic is being addressed.

Update 5:32pm
power is back on... no now its off again... ohhh back on!! wait.... no... not yet. People are saying traffic is "bad". I never knew traffic was "good". hrm.

Update 6:10pm
...the power is still out. I heard that New Jersey just engaged in a Shared Services agreement with August 2005 California.

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