Monday, September 27, 2010

Republican President James A. Garfield Once Said...

Republican President James A. Garfield once said...

Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of the Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave, and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature….If the next centennial does not find us a great nation…it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.

It was true in 1877 when Republican President James A. Garfield wrote it. and it remains true today, so aid in controlling the political forces and vote!

The dates you should all be aware of:

October 12 - Last day to REGISTER to vote in this general election. If you have a young adult in your household who recently turned 18 and might not be registered to vote or a spouse who might not be registered to vote or maybe you just have a new neighbor who might not have remembered to registered, there is no better time than now to get them registered. Monmouth County/Long Branch residents can down the form, postage pre-paid, here. Anyone else can find the form they need here.

October 26 - Last day to apply for a mail-in ballot. The poster is here. Don't make excuses - If you might be at work, don't want to be two minutes late to the gym, need to drop off or pickup the kids at school, walk the dog or have any other possible excuse to not go vote, in person, yourself - then you can AND SHOULD vote by mail, and by law anyone and everyone CAN vote by mail. To vote by mail - print and complete this form and mail it to the county clerk, sorry postage is not pre-paid on this one but if you can't afford the stamp and want to drop the application off at my house, call me or email me and I'll be happy to deliver it to the Monmouth County Clerk for you. If you don't live in Monmouth County, sorry you'll have to find someone else to cover your stamp, I'd suggest calling your own local committeeman, but since I'm sure everyone can handle the stamp, the address to mail the form is on the last page of the pdf.

November 2 - Election day. If you didn't vote by mail, get out and vote. If you aren't sure where to go vote, the county clerk can help you. Again, if you live in my district, District 10 in Long Branch, and need a ride to the polling location, call me and I'll pick you up and take you there.

PS - For those who might not be aware, there is a statue of Republican President James Garfield here in Long Branch between the Ocean Place Hotel and the beach. President Garfield was one of 6 Republican Presidents to have visited this great Republican city and he died here in Long Branch, September 19, 1881 from wounds related to an assassination attempt - the seventh (thus Seven Presidents Ocean Front Park), and last President to visit Long Branch, was a Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, who by the way enacted the first federal progressive income tax, just sayin'.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Republican of the Week! What an honor

I was excited to come home tonight and find an email from a good friend letting me that I was nominated, or just made, Republican of the Week at the Monmouth County Affiliated Republican Club. I have to say, more than anything else, I think this should just prove to other committee that a little work goes a long way. A few hours of my time every few weekends or so trying to support the Republican party and it's candidates, both in my neighborhood and in other neighborhoods and I've earned the honor. More importantly the recognition, I believe that by showing my motivation and determination to just make a positive difference and stand up for the principles I believe in has already motivated others to at least come out to vote, if not go tell a friend to vote. From this one committeeman to others, please, if nothing else, at least go visit your neighbors and fellow Republicans, face to face, and learn about them - in my experience, most will be happy to see a face and just have someone to complain about the problems to - listen, carefully and if their issue is one our party is wrong on or just not listening to, work that issue up the chain and if it's a problem you can help with on your own locally, just get it done.

All niceties said... I do have to say, I do feel a bit left out.... I'm just a committeeman, one of several hundred, and just an Average No One, but not a single candidate who will appear on the November ballot, aside from Warren Lapp through my contacts at the Neptune Republican Club, has reached out to me yet to ask for help.

While it's easy for me to fault the other committee members for not taking the initiative on their own to contact their constituents or go volunteer for a candidate - it's worth noting that *IF* the candidates and their campaigns consider sending me about 80 pieces of literature to distribute locally in my district, save yourselves the cost of mailing that lit to 79 other houses where most people toss the junk mail in the trash and I'll make sure to hand-deliver with a smile on your behalf. For that matter, I'm in district 10, there is no committeeman in 9 or 11 here... I'll adopt them for a walk if you need... but if you don't ask, I won't know to help. Let's work together, candidates and committee, or maybe I'm asking for and expecting too much.

Monday, September 6, 2010

People are Cowards

People are cowards, and you probably are a coward too, but not me. And don't be mad at me for name-calling you what you probably are, a coward. And if you're mad, it's just because The Truth Hurts, coward.

You see, today as I was walking with my girlfriend and my puppy at the boardwalk here in Long Branch. We walked from Seven President's Park on the north end of the city down to West End, hit the ATM machine at the Wachovia and walked back. Just as we were in front of the ballroom area at the Ocean Place Hotel, a Hispanic man, a term I'll use loosely to simply describe the gender, mistakenly dropped his plastic cup on the grass between the boardwalk where he was walking and path where I have to walk my dirty, filthy dog who is not permitted on the boardwalk because some people can't remember to clean up after their pets, or themselves.

So I paused for a moment to see if the man did indeed mistakenly drop his cup, but alas, he just kept on walking. That litter bug.

Now one thing you should know about me is that I speak quietly. I also don't say much, really, despite the length of some of my blog posts, comments or letters. But my 12th grade English teacher in Keansburg High School (and I just can't remember her name - Mrs. N...), where I was bullied and beat up a few times while trying to learn a thing or two, taught me how to use my loud voice, really getting the volume from deep down in the chest to be, well, Loud. And I don't mean yelling loud, I just mean having the ability to talk, LOUD. Another thing you should know about me is that I eventually grew tired of being bullied so I lost a hundred pounds, packed on some muscles and learned some self-defense and hand to hand combat techniques; I fear bullies no more.

So I LOUDLY say in the general direction of this Hispanic man "Sir, you dropped your cup.". And the man turns and mumbles something back at me. So I repeat, again, quite loudly, "Sir, you dropped your cup in the grass but there is a garbage can right there" as I pointed to the trash can no more than ten feet away.

At this point, there were fifty or more cowards who stopped to see why I was speaking so loudly or what the commotion was, and this Hispanic man then told me to "shut the fuck up, and keep walking". Hah, as if I was about to join him and the other cowards who can't just make an honest effort to Do The Right Thing.

Again, I resorted to the loud to the voice and the in the general direction of the cowards who were now standing around waiting for something interesting to happen, I say "Everyone watching, this man dropped his cup on the ground", as I pointed to it, "and is refusing to pick it up and put in the trash can right there" as I again pointed to the trash can 10 feet away.

Not one, not a single coward in the crowd had the courage to even boo the man, or ask him to Do The Right Thing, and the Hispanic man then repeated to me "just shut the fuck up and walk your dog - you see none of these people care. They all think your an asshole". And sure enough, as I expected, everyone of the cowards just walked away, not saying a word or even trying to Do The Right Thing, well, everyone except for three black girls who found it funny that "that man just told the white boy to shut the fuck up and keep walking (laughter) ".

But there is a happy ending to my story - one of the Hispanic man's more level headed friends came up from further up the boardwalk and did go pick up the cup, and put it in the trash, and told me "just let it go, he's drunk" which I was fine with leaving it at, but the drunk's girl friend or wife couldn't let it go and now had to run her mouth, again, as if I was the one who littered and was yelling obscenities in public, and the cowards who were still watching still didn't care to suggest that it was pretty easy for the man to just Do The Right Thing.

My girlfriend, now convinced that she was going to have to explain to the police why I just used years of hand to hand combat training to assault these people, convinced me to turn around and look 50ft away, where one of Long Branch's finest was parked "doing some paperwork" (or checking out the girls in bikinis, can't say I blame him). So Doing The Right Thing, instead of applying some vigilante justice, I simply walked away from the confrontation and politely explained to the policeman that "a drunk man was littering and yelling obscenities at me in public on the boardwalk for asking him to clean up after himself", and I was on my way while the drunk man was then harassed, by a "special officer" who probably just wanted to close out his summer of work by checking out the girls. But remember - I can't walk my dirty, filthy dog on the boardwalk because good, clean people like that man, and the cowards who wouldn't confront him, need a clean place to put their feet.

Now I could end my story here, but I won't, because lately walking at the boardwalk has been one adventure after the other for me, this time I'm just SO mad at you cowards that I feel the need to share another story.

About a month ago, in fact, it was July 25th, the same night that those two swimmers drown in the Shrewsbury River near Plum Island, when I was walking with my mom, girlfriend and dog on a Saturday night at the boardwalk. I had planned to take the dog to the beach over there that evening since it was one of those days where it was 100 degrees out and still in the 90s by the evening but my mom came to visit so we went for a walk in the heat instead. Again, we walked from Seven Presidents down to West End and back. It was a typical Saturday night in Long Branch and the the boardwalk was packed from end to end with cowards walking, jogging, biking, etc. As we were approaching the apartment complex between Morris and Pavilion, I spotted a person in an electric wheelchair just inside the gate. There was a group of younger cowards walking about 50 ft in front of me who turned and looked at her but just kept walking. I handed the dog off to my girlfriend and ran over to her. "Mrs. are you ok?". No response. I checked her pulse, could see, hear and feel her breathing so I ran down to the security desk to see if someone at the building knew the woman or any conditions she might have. The only person there was another old black man in his electric wheel chair. First he told me "nah, she's fine, she likes to take naps" once we got closer he agreed something was wrong and I was on the phone with 911 (first county, then long branch, clock is tickin' here boys). Meanwhile, crowds and crowds of cowards just wondered by, oblivious to the woman or any problem or just too cowardly to try to help. Eventually a woman who lived in the building next door who was a nurse saw us outside and came over to try to assist until the First Aid department arrived - but if I told you hundreds of cowards walked by without even asking if they could somehow help, I might be underestimating - it could have been a thousand cowards that night, it was that busy, and I was there that long waiting for first aid to show up. And when the police finally did show up, right after first aid, they mostly seemed bothered to have to deal with an conscience old lady instead of getting to yell at people like me who just want to walk on the boardwalk, with their dog. Not even a "thanks for trying to Do The Right Thing" just a "name... phone number... we'll call you if we need you". Great, glad I could help - now maybe you guys should assist the first aid people with getting this woman out of her wheelchair and onto that stretcher?

I never followed up to make sure that the woman was alright after the ambulance took her away, I figured I Did The Right Thing by checking on her and calling 911 even though I could have been like the other cowards and just kept walking, but hopefully Stephanie was alright, and hopefully if there is a next time she or anyone else needs a hand, out of the sea of cowards comes one person with the fortitude to Do The Right Thing.

...and for the record, if I DID take my dog to the beach that fateful Saturday, I'd of hopped right into that river and tried to save both of those men who drowned, unlike the cowards who did nothing, and I'd of never had to chance to Do The Right Thing for Stephanie, and I doubt any of you cowards out there would have even tried.

So don't be mad at me for calling you a coward, be mad at yourselves for being cowards, and maybe next time you see someone trying to Do The Right Thing, maybe a good start would be to help out and not just stand around, being a coward.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Open Letter to Republicans of Long Branch District 10

The following letter was sent to registered Republicans here in Long Branch District 10 this past week and I'll share with my readers here as well.

September 2, 2010

Fellow Republicans and Neighbors in Long Branch:

For those of you who I have not already met by walking our neighborhood, please
allow me to introduce myself. My name is James Hogan and I am a fellow resident here
in Long Branch. With the votes of your neighbors here in our small corner of Long
Branch, I was duly elected as your Republican County Committeeman in Long Branch –
District 10 in June 2010. Previously, I had been a candidate for US Congress in the
June 2008 Republican Primary and have spent many weekends supporting Republican
candidates through door to door efforts, and also writing letters and making phone
calls to our elected officials seeking their support for, or against, legislation
that has a direct, or indirect, impact on We The People. For those of you who I have
met prior to the June 2010 election and after, I thank you again for your vote and I
hope to continue earning your trust and support in future elections.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the November elections, I will be making
an effort to visit each of your doors one at a time, if I haven't done so already,
to discuss any issues important to you and make sure that you are satisfied with how
our party is representing us on the issues. I'd also like to remind you to come out
to vote this November 2nd for our Republican candidates, including Anna C. Little.

Anna C. Little is a former Monmouth County Freeholder, current Mayor of
Highlands NJ and has earned the support of the Republican party as well as the
support of various Tea Party groups in her campaign to become the Congresswoman for
NJ Congressional District 6, which includes our local district, and is the
Congressional District that has been represented, questionably, for over twenty-two
years by career politician, Democrat Frank Pallone.

With your help and support, we can elect Anna C. Little to US Congress and Fire
Frank Pallone. We can end Frank Pallone’s decade’s long career that has brought
about higher taxes, more government spending, more government control of our lives
including government control of health-care though “ObamaCare” - a bill written by
Frank Pallone himself. We can end the career of a politician who has voted for
government bailouts and stimulus packages that we were against and, as we predicted,
sunk our economy deeper into recession and failed to create jobs. We can end the
career of a far-left, liberal politician who votes with his party instead of voting
for the people of his district. We can end the career of a politician who has an
unearned reputation for being “good for the environment” but did nothing to stop or
resolve the pollution of Branchport Creek here in Long Branch by Monmouth Park.

I look forward to meeting each of you and please feel free to contact me with
any issues or concerns you may have, my contact information is below and on the
attached business card. Thank you again for your support and...

Let's work together to send Frank Pallone to an early retirement on November 2nd!

James P. Hogan
Republican Committeeman618 McClellan St
(732) 963-4606

Today I am off to Neptune NJ to help Warren Lapp in his run for Neptune Township Committee.