Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Open Letter to Republicans of Long Branch District 10

The following letter was sent to registered Republicans here in Long Branch District 10 this past week and I'll share with my readers here as well.

September 2, 2010

Fellow Republicans and Neighbors in Long Branch:

For those of you who I have not already met by walking our neighborhood, please
allow me to introduce myself. My name is James Hogan and I am a fellow resident here
in Long Branch. With the votes of your neighbors here in our small corner of Long
Branch, I was duly elected as your Republican County Committeeman in Long Branch –
District 10 in June 2010. Previously, I had been a candidate for US Congress in the
June 2008 Republican Primary and have spent many weekends supporting Republican
candidates through door to door efforts, and also writing letters and making phone
calls to our elected officials seeking their support for, or against, legislation
that has a direct, or indirect, impact on We The People. For those of you who I have
met prior to the June 2010 election and after, I thank you again for your vote and I
hope to continue earning your trust and support in future elections.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the November elections, I will be making
an effort to visit each of your doors one at a time, if I haven't done so already,
to discuss any issues important to you and make sure that you are satisfied with how
our party is representing us on the issues. I'd also like to remind you to come out
to vote this November 2nd for our Republican candidates, including Anna C. Little.

Anna C. Little is a former Monmouth County Freeholder, current Mayor of
Highlands NJ and has earned the support of the Republican party as well as the
support of various Tea Party groups in her campaign to become the Congresswoman for
NJ Congressional District 6, which includes our local district, and is the
Congressional District that has been represented, questionably, for over twenty-two
years by career politician, Democrat Frank Pallone.

With your help and support, we can elect Anna C. Little to US Congress and Fire
Frank Pallone. We can end Frank Pallone’s decade’s long career that has brought
about higher taxes, more government spending, more government control of our lives
including government control of health-care though “ObamaCare” - a bill written by
Frank Pallone himself. We can end the career of a politician who has voted for
government bailouts and stimulus packages that we were against and, as we predicted,
sunk our economy deeper into recession and failed to create jobs. We can end the
career of a far-left, liberal politician who votes with his party instead of voting
for the people of his district. We can end the career of a politician who has an
unearned reputation for being “good for the environment” but did nothing to stop or
resolve the pollution of Branchport Creek here in Long Branch by Monmouth Park.

I look forward to meeting each of you and please feel free to contact me with
any issues or concerns you may have, my contact information is below and on the
attached business card. Thank you again for your support and...

Let's work together to send Frank Pallone to an early retirement on November 2nd!

James P. Hogan
Republican Committeeman618 McClellan St
(732) 963-4606

Today I am off to Neptune NJ to help Warren Lapp in his run for Neptune Township Committee.

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Warren said...

James... I THANK YOU for your time spent on my Neptune campaign. You are a good man and perhaps I'll have the honor of doing the same for you in the future.