Monday, September 20, 2010

Republican of the Week! What an honor

I was excited to come home tonight and find an email from a good friend letting me that I was nominated, or just made, Republican of the Week at the Monmouth County Affiliated Republican Club. I have to say, more than anything else, I think this should just prove to other committee that a little work goes a long way. A few hours of my time every few weekends or so trying to support the Republican party and it's candidates, both in my neighborhood and in other neighborhoods and I've earned the honor. More importantly the recognition, I believe that by showing my motivation and determination to just make a positive difference and stand up for the principles I believe in has already motivated others to at least come out to vote, if not go tell a friend to vote. From this one committeeman to others, please, if nothing else, at least go visit your neighbors and fellow Republicans, face to face, and learn about them - in my experience, most will be happy to see a face and just have someone to complain about the problems to - listen, carefully and if their issue is one our party is wrong on or just not listening to, work that issue up the chain and if it's a problem you can help with on your own locally, just get it done.

All niceties said... I do have to say, I do feel a bit left out.... I'm just a committeeman, one of several hundred, and just an Average No One, but not a single candidate who will appear on the November ballot, aside from Warren Lapp through my contacts at the Neptune Republican Club, has reached out to me yet to ask for help.

While it's easy for me to fault the other committee members for not taking the initiative on their own to contact their constituents or go volunteer for a candidate - it's worth noting that *IF* the candidates and their campaigns consider sending me about 80 pieces of literature to distribute locally in my district, save yourselves the cost of mailing that lit to 79 other houses where most people toss the junk mail in the trash and I'll make sure to hand-deliver with a smile on your behalf. For that matter, I'm in district 10, there is no committeeman in 9 or 11 here... I'll adopt them for a walk if you need... but if you don't ask, I won't know to help. Let's work together, candidates and committee, or maybe I'm asking for and expecting too much.

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