Friday, October 29, 2010

NRA-PVF endorses Anna Little for Congress

Anna Little at ShoreShot Pistol Range... and the Anna Little endorsements continue to roll in. To the left is a picture of Anna Little back in May at ShoreShot pistol range in Lakewood, NJ shooting .357s out my S&W 686 revolver.

In an email to NRA members this morning:

Vote Freedom First - Vote ANNA LITTLE for CONGRESS

October 28, 2010

Dear James Hogan:

The NRA-PVF ( has endorsed Anna Little for Congress. It is critical that you vote for Anna Little for Congress, and urge your family and friends to do the same. We need to bolster our ranks in Congress to keep this White House from pursuing an anti-gun agenda after the 2010 elections.

That's why it's more important than ever that we elect Anna Little to Congress to help build a pro-gun firewall around our Second Amendment rights. Anna Little is rated an "AQ" by the NRA-PVF for her pro-gun responses to our federal candidate questionnaire, and she is committed to opposing federal gun control and supporting pro-gun reforms.

By contrast, his opponent - Congressman Frank Pallone - has earned an "F" rating every election for his extremist anti-gun record in Congress. He has voted to ban semi-automatic firearms, regulate gun shows out of business, and allow bogus lawsuits against firearms manufacturers. Pallone voted against repealing the gun ban and restoring self-defense in our nation's capital and against forcing reform of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Pallone is so radical that he voted against prohibiting gun confiscation during states of emergency and against allowing commercial airline pilots to be armed in the cockpit and defend their crew and passengers against terrorism.

The choice is clear! All gun owners and sportsmen in New Jersey's sixth congressional district should support Anna Little on Election Day. If you can volunteer to help, please contact her campaign at and 732-658-5461. Also spread the word to your family, friends, and fellow gun owners. And on November 2,Vote Freedom First - Vote Anna Little for Congress!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second Amendment Rights in NJ-6

Just as a reminder to my friends in NJ-6 (currently mis-represented by Frank Pallone) who also enjoy their 2A Right To Keep And Bear Arms, the NRA and the GOA have both rated Frank Pallone - F while rating Anna Little - A. As I've said before - this really is THE most honest political ad ever!

The GOA ratings are based on these votes:
StatusName of LegislationDateVotedScore
PSquelching Free Speech06/24/2010YeaVoted Against
PAnti-gun ObamaCare Health Bill (Final Passage)03/21/2010YeaVoted Against
PAnti-gun ObamaCare Health Bill11/07/2009YeaVoted Against
PNational Parks Gun Ban (3)03/25/2009YeaVoted Against
PNational Parks Gun Ban (2)03/25/2009YeaVoted Against
FNational Parks Gun Ban (1)03/11/2009YeaVoted Against
PAnti-gun Bailout Bill02/13/2009YeaVoted Against
FGun Ban In National Parks07/10/2008NayVoted Against
AHolding Anti-gun Politicians Accountable07/26/2007NayVoted Against
AVetoing The UnFairness Doctrine06/28/2007NayVoted Against
PAnti-gun Speaker Of The House01/04/2007Nancy PelosiNot Scored
PNo Gun Confiscations During Emergencies07/25/2006NayVoted Against
ANo Enforcement Of Trigger Lock Provisions06/28/2006NayVoted Against
ARepeal DC Gun Ban06/30/2005NayVoted Against
FDefunding Anti-gun UN06/16/2005NayVoted Against
FFifty Caliber Ban06/16/2005YeaVoted Against
PH.R. 418: National ID Card02/10/2005NayVoted For
PDC Gun Ban Repeal09/29/2004NayVoted Against
FCut off taxpayer funds to anti-gun U.N.E.S.C.O.07/22/2003NayVoted Against
FPaul Amendment to get U.S. out of anti-gun UN07/15/2003NayVoted Against
PStop frivolous anti-gun lawsuits04/09/2003NayVoted Against
AArming Pilots Against Terrorism Act07/10/2002NayVoted Against
PSquelching the voice of pro-gun advocates02/13/2002YeaVoted Against
FDenying the individual right to keep and bear arms02/13/2002NayVoted Against
FFBI registration of gun owners07/18/2001YeaVoted Against
FNo UN gun control07/18/2001NayVoted Against
FStopping the BATF from enforcing the Clinton and Wesson pact07/20/2000NayVoted Against
FCutting off enforcement of the Clinton and Wesson pact06/26/2000NayVoted Against
AReining in HUD's gun control agenda06/21/2000NayVoted Against
FDenying enforcement of S&W sell-out06/21/2000NayVoted Against
PConyers motion to instruct04/11/2000YeaVoted Against
PLofgren anti-gun motion to instruct03/15/2000YeaVoted Against
PAnti-gun instructions for House conferees09/24/1999YeaVoted Against
PPro-gun instructions for House conferees09/24/1999YeaVoted For
FLawsuits against gun owners09/23/1999YeaVoted Against
PFinal passage of the Incumbent Protection Bill09/14/1999YeaVoted Against
FProtecting free speech09/14/1999NayVoted Against
FProtecting free speech09/14/1999NayVoted Against
PNon-binding gun control07/30/1999YeaVoted Against
AFirearms related provisions06/18/1999NayNot Scored
FBanning private sales at gun shows06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
AMandatory sales of "lock up your safety" devices06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
AConcealed carry for cops06/18/1999YeaNot Scored
APunishing young adults for merely touching certain semi-automatic firearms06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
FSelf-defense for DC residents06/18/1999NayVoted Against
ASelf-defense for DC homeowners06/18/1999NayVoted Against
ALifetime gun ban for certain juveniles06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
FOmnibus Democratic gun control package06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
FOmnibus Republican gun control package06/18/1999NayVoted For
APartial Brady repeal (on pawn shop gun sales)06/18/1999NayVoted Against
FHarassment of gun owners and gun dealers06/17/1999YeaVoted Against
AGovernment "War on Gun Owners" Amendment06/16/1999YeaVoted Against
PFree Speech restrictions08/06/1998YeaVoted Against
FGun Theft amendment07/16/1998YeaVoted Against
P"Seven anti-gun clones of Schumer"03/04/1998YeaVoted Against
PMandatory jail time for self-defense?02/24/1998YeaVoted Against
FGet the U.S. out of the anti-gun U.N.06/04/1997NoVoted Against
Please remember to come out to vote Tuesday, Nov 2 and send Frank Pallone to the unemployment lines - which reminds me - if Pallone has never held a real job - does he even qualify for unemployment? hrm.