Friday, October 1, 2010

Frank Pallone to Rutgers Students: Blame me for a 3500% Increase in Tuition Cost

OK, so our buddy Frank Pallone didn't actually say tell the truth to Rutgers' students and say that when he spoke to the Rutgers' Daily Targum.

Pallone said, "When I graduated in the late '70s, it was maybe $325 for first-year law school tuition".

Pallone has been in US Congress for 22 years - today's tuition rate at Rutgers is well over $12K/yr, to commute.

He went on to say, "Well now, tuition is a lot, and that's why we need to do more in terms of Pell Grants, work-study and student loans."

Now? 22 years into your term AFTER rates have increased 3500%? Why couldn't you address this 20 years ago before the cost got out of hand? Or even 10 years ago? I fear you might be lying to the students Mr. Pallone, are you sure you're going to address this problem, finally? I mean that cost of education sure has expanded significantly under your watch Mr. Pallone. Talk about letting the fire burn and then showing up with a bucket of water, or rather, I think you might just be showing up with an empty bucket.

To my fellow Rutgers' students - don't fall for the lies Pallone is telling. He is not going to do anything to help you or your family pay those tuition bills, get or pay student loans or help you in any other way. I personally heard these same lies when I was a Rutgers' student, many many years ago and Pallone is still telling the same lie today.

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