Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scorecard of Catholics in Congress

Our good friend and fellow Long Branch Committeeman Ray Patsky has passed along the following information which I've provided below.

Frank Pallone calls himself a catholic, How does, Catholic, Frank Pallone Vote? Not Good for the religious folk among us - in fact, I think Frank might be a liar when it comes to claiming his religious status.

1. Stem Cell Act of 2007
2. Deny Federal Funds to Planned Parenthood
3. Mexico City Policy Protection Amendment
4. Foreign Relations Authorization Act (GWI Office)
5. Funding of Elective Abortions in DC
6. Denial of Funds to Planned Parenthood
7. Stupak-Pitts Amendment
8. Healthcare Bill
9. Prohibit Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
10. Healthcare and Education Reconciliation Act
11. Small Business Jobs Relief Act

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