Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second Amendment Rights in NJ-6

Just as a reminder to my friends in NJ-6 (currently mis-represented by Frank Pallone) who also enjoy their 2A Right To Keep And Bear Arms, the NRA and the GOA have both rated Frank Pallone - F while rating Anna Little - A. As I've said before - this really is THE most honest political ad ever!

The GOA ratings are based on these votes:
StatusName of LegislationDateVotedScore
PSquelching Free Speech06/24/2010YeaVoted Against
PAnti-gun ObamaCare Health Bill (Final Passage)03/21/2010YeaVoted Against
PAnti-gun ObamaCare Health Bill11/07/2009YeaVoted Against
PNational Parks Gun Ban (3)03/25/2009YeaVoted Against
PNational Parks Gun Ban (2)03/25/2009YeaVoted Against
FNational Parks Gun Ban (1)03/11/2009YeaVoted Against
PAnti-gun Bailout Bill02/13/2009YeaVoted Against
FGun Ban In National Parks07/10/2008NayVoted Against
AHolding Anti-gun Politicians Accountable07/26/2007NayVoted Against
AVetoing The UnFairness Doctrine06/28/2007NayVoted Against
PAnti-gun Speaker Of The House01/04/2007Nancy PelosiNot Scored
PNo Gun Confiscations During Emergencies07/25/2006NayVoted Against
ANo Enforcement Of Trigger Lock Provisions06/28/2006NayVoted Against
ARepeal DC Gun Ban06/30/2005NayVoted Against
FDefunding Anti-gun UN06/16/2005NayVoted Against
FFifty Caliber Ban06/16/2005YeaVoted Against
PH.R. 418: National ID Card02/10/2005NayVoted For
PDC Gun Ban Repeal09/29/2004NayVoted Against
FCut off taxpayer funds to anti-gun U.N.E.S.C.O.07/22/2003NayVoted Against
FPaul Amendment to get U.S. out of anti-gun UN07/15/2003NayVoted Against
PStop frivolous anti-gun lawsuits04/09/2003NayVoted Against
AArming Pilots Against Terrorism Act07/10/2002NayVoted Against
PSquelching the voice of pro-gun advocates02/13/2002YeaVoted Against
FDenying the individual right to keep and bear arms02/13/2002NayVoted Against
FFBI registration of gun owners07/18/2001YeaVoted Against
FNo UN gun control07/18/2001NayVoted Against
FStopping the BATF from enforcing the Clinton and Wesson pact07/20/2000NayVoted Against
FCutting off enforcement of the Clinton and Wesson pact06/26/2000NayVoted Against
AReining in HUD's gun control agenda06/21/2000NayVoted Against
FDenying enforcement of S&W sell-out06/21/2000NayVoted Against
PConyers motion to instruct04/11/2000YeaVoted Against
PLofgren anti-gun motion to instruct03/15/2000YeaVoted Against
PAnti-gun instructions for House conferees09/24/1999YeaVoted Against
PPro-gun instructions for House conferees09/24/1999YeaVoted For
FLawsuits against gun owners09/23/1999YeaVoted Against
PFinal passage of the Incumbent Protection Bill09/14/1999YeaVoted Against
FProtecting free speech09/14/1999NayVoted Against
FProtecting free speech09/14/1999NayVoted Against
PNon-binding gun control07/30/1999YeaVoted Against
AFirearms related provisions06/18/1999NayNot Scored
FBanning private sales at gun shows06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
AMandatory sales of "lock up your safety" devices06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
AConcealed carry for cops06/18/1999YeaNot Scored
APunishing young adults for merely touching certain semi-automatic firearms06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
FSelf-defense for DC residents06/18/1999NayVoted Against
ASelf-defense for DC homeowners06/18/1999NayVoted Against
ALifetime gun ban for certain juveniles06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
FOmnibus Democratic gun control package06/18/1999YeaVoted Against
FOmnibus Republican gun control package06/18/1999NayVoted For
APartial Brady repeal (on pawn shop gun sales)06/18/1999NayVoted Against
FHarassment of gun owners and gun dealers06/17/1999YeaVoted Against
AGovernment "War on Gun Owners" Amendment06/16/1999YeaVoted Against
PFree Speech restrictions08/06/1998YeaVoted Against
FGun Theft amendment07/16/1998YeaVoted Against
P"Seven anti-gun clones of Schumer"03/04/1998YeaVoted Against
PMandatory jail time for self-defense?02/24/1998YeaVoted Against
FGet the U.S. out of the anti-gun U.N.06/04/1997NoVoted Against
Please remember to come out to vote Tuesday, Nov 2 and send Frank Pallone to the unemployment lines - which reminds me - if Pallone has never held a real job - does he even qualify for unemployment? hrm.

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