Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't Let Party Labels Sway Your Vote - VOTE Republican

We are clearly heading the wrong direction nationally, as well as locally, and thanks to Obama, Republicans and Democrats - We The People - are more divided than ever. This weekend ,and now this morning at the office, there were two notable moments which lead me to feel the need to remind you, the voter, not to be swayed by your habit of voting for a party label - I just want you to go vote Republican.

Now, I know what you're thinking - that's voting by party label - exactly. Let me explain.

This weekend I was assisting with campaign efforts in Neptune. Among the targeted voters were boat/RV owners who are being fined by the 5 Democrats who run the Neptune Township Committee for having their private property (boats/RVs that are licensed, registered, privately owned, sales taxed paid) stored on their own private property where property taxes are paid and the land is privately owned, while at the same time the Democrats recently purchased the Marina in town, imagine that. So as I approached a boat owning voter who was in his driveway talking to another neighbor - who had a RV in his driveway but wasn't on the list - I gave the standard introduction - "Hi, I'm James Hogan - a volunteer for the Neptune Republican Committee..." and as soon as the word "Republican" came out of my mouth - the neighbor who was not on my list physically threw his hands up in the air and stormed away, mad. I chatted with the boat owner for a bit and he confirm that he'd been fighting the ordinance and had been fined before, as had the neighbor. Yet clearly, the neighbor is so fixated on voting for Democrats - or rather - so fixated on voting against Republicans - that he doesn't even want to open his eyes to reality or try to address problems that effect him personally. Its just odd to me. So to that man and others like him - Don't let the party label sway your vote - just go vote Republican - it's better for you and it's better for your neighbors.

The second case occurred following a meeting to discuss our company's healthcare offerings for the coming year. Despite Frank Pallone and Obama's claims that they are making healthcare more affordable - all of the options we have include MUCH higher premiums and much less coverage. So one of the women here, who by the way is a very nice, very religious woman seemed to take issue with not being able to select an OBGYN *AND* a PCP - she had to choose one or the other - no options - no choice - and I use the word choice on purpose because this very religious woman also happens to be very, very pro-Democrat - and it's odd to me that religious people vote for pro-choice candidates who seem to vote opposite their core beliefs. But sticking to healthcare - the woman got what she asked for - Obamacare - now that she has what she wanted - she's the first to complain that premiums are too high - and coverage is too poor. I suggested "vote Republican" - and was told "no way". To her I said, and I'll said it again

- "Don't let the party labels sway your vote - Just go vote Republican".

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