Monday, November 29, 2010

SEIU to drop Healthcare for Union Worker's Children

With a hat-tip to Tom at Radio-Free NJ:

WSJ has the story ( The irony being of course the SEIU/Obama connection.

Sometimes, it's just terrible when people get what they ask for. With a little luck, the future will allow these people to have access to real affordable healthcare and bring real Change to the system.

As a personal note -- premiums for a traditional plan offered through my employer have increased dramatically, almost to the point of being unfordable for most of the employees. I will admit, the alternative plan serves me, the single employee, well -- but it leaves most of my coworkers with a wife and kids to the mercy of HUGE, multi-thousand dollar ($2500+) deductibles. The warning to us was "we're lucky to renew this year, not after January" -- hopefully real Change happens before we have to renew again next year.

Frank Pallone hasn't had a town-hall to talk about his great bill since people have received their premium increase notices, I suspect Mr. Pallone will explain that paying more for less is "better".

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