Friday, December 10, 2010

Advise From Gov. Christie to the Long Branch Committee

Ok, so Christie didn't say this directly to the Long Branch committee last night, but it holds true here in town and I'd have to double check, but I do believe I said the same basic line, not quite as well, last night to the committee. Here is Christie's line:
It is extraordinarily important that we all stand up for the principles we believe in, but also recognize that we are sent here to get the work done that the people have sent us here to do. Video of Chris Christie
I couldn't have said it better myself Gov, really. I tried, but I'm not a great speech giver or writer; I'm not even good or mediocre at it for that matter, but I try and am passionate and (perhaps overly and bluntly) honest in my delivery. Directly off of my notes/bulleted items to hit last night in my pitch for votes for chairman, which I knew the outcome of before I even arrived, my line was (or should have been):
When each of us volunteered by a self-write in for committee and not asking the clerk or chairman Oxley to remove us, we agreed to do the work of a committeeman and have an obligation to the Republican voters in our local districts and an obligation to the Republican party to do the work we were elected to do. We as voters would not, or should not, tolerate our elected representatives failing to do the work we elect them for, and we should lead by example and not fail at our own jobs.
Hopefully it came out that way, or close enough to, and I think it did. I don't think any of the other committee members were listening or I'd ask them. I saw a few rolling their eyes and covering their faces instead of showing any signs of basic courtesy. Then again, the new chairman didn't even stand to make his "speech" nor did he even take the time to thank our distinguished guests, which included the county chairman Joe Oxley and the municipal chairwoman from Sea Bright, Marianne McKenzie, who both volunteered their time and knowledge to come help us.

I wish our new Long Branch chairman the best of luck in organizing and establishing the party's presence here, unfortunately, I don't think my fellow committee members, or the chairman, recognize that they were elected to work and simply believe it is their job to hold a title, and hand out titles to friends. As a Republican, I don't believe in taking, or giving, handouts and doing either of those is a disservice to the people who elected you to work and represent their Republican values. In my opinion, without a chairman that can lead by example, and without a committee full of people willing to work, this new committee is not likely to succeed, where success can only be measured by voter registration and voter turnout.

I'll be continuing to do my work; I still have an obligation to the Republican party, to voters in my district and to myself and I will continue to fulfill that obligation to the best of my ability, or even a little more. As always, do write me or call me if a committeeman in your district or city is failing to do their work, and when possible I'll continue to volunteer wherever and whenever I can.

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