Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Good Leader Sets A Good Example :: Judging the Cards

I seem to have earned myself a [bad] reputation for a being a bit overly critical most of the time, maybe even more of a complainer than a reasonable critic even, but I've always said that I at least try to give credit where credit is due. So today I'd like to visit the few Christmas/Holiday cards that I received in the mail from fellow Republicans as well as my own [lame] postcard to my local district.

For the record, I mailed my card, a rather simple out of the box/off the shelf $50 worth of a Staples print job and some postage for about 70 people, before I received anyone else's cards. I probably don't HAVE to mail a card to my local Republicans as a lowly committeeman, but I do anyhow since it seems to be the right thing to do, and in a past Republican seminar, either Joe Oxley or Steve Lonegan or some other prominent Republican leader explained such little things as being great party building tools. So I didn't have a good example at the time to work from and just did my best, which is all I ever really try to do, and sent my little "Happy Holidays" postcard with a little note/thank you on the back. (As you can see, I'm one of those people who is on team "Happy Holidays" over team "Merry Christmas" I'll offer my explanation/rational to anyone who would care to consider my opinion rather than just argue the point with me)

So then a few days later, I received a very nicely done, very professional and simple Christmas card from Monmouth County Republican Chairman Joe Oxley. The card is a plush elephant with a Republican logo/Santa hat on the front and short little message inside thanking the volunteers and party members. Joe's name and title are clear and overall this is a GREAT card. It is also another example of GREAT leadership; doing simple little things like this mean a lot to me and help keep me motivated and involved and I suspect it does the same for others. If there is one additional thing I can say, it's that Joe seems to follow his own advise well -- practice what you preach I guess is the saying. Again, I'm pretty sure it was Oxley who suggested cards at a past seminar, but it could have been Lonegan or any of the other hosts -- my memory is poor, but that he follows through on that kind of action is, again, GREAT. Thanks Joe! I hung Joe's card along with all of my other cards.

It was about a week later when I received a solicitation for donations masked as a Christmas card from Anna Little. Click the link and read *ALL* of Art's words in the original post, it's about all I thought the card and sentiment was worth... nothing. I was actually so annoyed and offended by it that I tore the card up and tossed it in the trash as just another silly solicitation rather than a genuine "thank you"/Christmas wish. If you're one of the people who might be mad at me for being on team "Happy Holidays", then surely you don't want to see this Christmas card/solicitation or you should be really mad.

The only other Republican card I received was from Dave Rible. Now, I personally have some problems with Dave Rible's record and am a known critic of him, however, I will say this much, Dave seems to be a stand-up guy on a personal level. I'm sure the issues I have with him, namely his anti-gun record and his personal income situation, have some kind of reasonable explanations (just like I can offer what I think is a reasonable explanation for team "Happy Holidays") and in fairness, I haven't done my part to talk to Dave personally about those differences, but his card was a simple picture of him with his wife and child. Professional looking picture, short and simple message. If I were to offer my critical $0.02, it's simply that my girlfriend didn't immediately recognize the guy, the name, etc and in the tiniest of black text on a dark green background was the "paid for by"... Assemblyman Rible. I hung Dave's card along with all of my other cards.

For the record, I haven't received a card from the Long Branch chairman, or vice-chair for that matter. I also didn't receive a card from my other Assembly member, Mary Pat Angelini. She doesn't seem to know who I am I guessMary Pat Angelini EVEN SENT ME A CARD; no worries, despite that Art seems to think I'm an Average Some One, I still believe that I'm just an Average No One just doing my little thing in my little part of the big world.

So anyhow, that's my lousy contribution to the card discussion this year. I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas as the birth of Jesus has a joyous day and I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas as the annual arrival of a fat man in a red suit bearing China made gifts also enjoys their day with family and friends. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, hopefully all of your other holidays this year were full of joy and happiness or whatever you're supposed to feel on those days and I hope the coming year brings us all some joy, happiness and Republican victories at the polls!

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