Thursday, December 9, 2010

Long Branch has a (new) Chair

By a whopping 7 to 2 vote, the Long Branch Republican Committee elected Ray Patsky over James Hogan for muni chair. Beth Cook was uncontested for vice chair and was elected with one objection, from James Hogan. More tomorrow.
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Chris said...

So only 9 people voted in the municipal elections?

James Hogan said...

Pretty sad right?

And I know what you're thinking Chris, "**surely** you know more than 23 Republicans in Long Branch Jim -- fill the committee with your friends!" I do know the people and I suppose can do just that - but the sad truth is that I've gotten to know the average voters who just want to vote for good Republican candidates that appear willing and able to represent them and are happy to see a motivated volunteer making an effort for Republicans in this Democrat heavy town. The people I know aren't likely to do the work of an elected committee member and while I'm certain I COULD fill the committee with my own friends and voters i know, and get myself elected that way, I'd be no better than the current group of friends who filled the committee, elected themselves chair, and haven't done their work as elected committee members; it wouldn't be helping this party or any candidates - again not that I have reason to think this committee will help the party.

True story, our new vice-chair, Beth Cook, who knows everyone - but yet no one I ask, including the people she claims to know - seem to know her, has spent the last 5 months telling the rest of the committee that she couldn't be too "high-profile" nor would she be able to contact certain people because of her job with the City of Long Branch -- the chairman and other committee members didn't seem interested in even hearing the reasoning for my objection, and she was elected -- someone who has said she is unable or unwilling to do the work - elected to vice chair. Again, sad.

The voters of Long Branch deserved better and I'll continue to do my part to serve the voters here as best I can.

There are 34 total seats in Long Brnach, 23 open, meaning 11 seats are filled, at least with a presumably warm body - and I say this nicely, I'm not sure how long some of those bodies will even remain warm. Joe Oxley sent written notice of the meeting, one committee member who doesn't show has a legit "excuse" as he's out starting a new bank, the other hasn't responded to my phone calls, mailed letters or the front door when I've knocked and then ignores Joe's letter.

It's a long uphill climb here in Long Branch but seeing as this is the first time in the 3+ years I've seen any kind of other activity in town, it's somehow promising, even if frustrating, and sad.